Permit to Purchase Firearms

How to apply for a permit to purchase firearms

  1. Fill out and sign the application found below.  Make sure you sign in all four signature spots.  You can use a verified digital signature but you cannot just use a script font to create a signature.
  2. Return the completed, signed application AND a copy of your driver's license or ID using one of the following methods:
  3. **In-person at the info desk in City Hall
  4. **In the drop box located outside the main door of City Hall.  Please make sure the application and copy of your driver's license or ID are in a sealed envelope with "Gun Permit" written on the outside.
  5. **By mail to:  Gun Permit, C/O Maplewood Police Department, 1830 County Road B E, Maplewood, MN 55109
  6. **by email to: