Multicultural Advisory Committee

Mission: To enhance communication and understanding between law enforcement officers and our multicultural residents. By building trust and communication lines, we will ultimately improve the safety and livability of our communities.

Working to build community and problems to solve.

Apply to Maplewood’s Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee

Our program works collaboratively to enhance relationships between police and the community, specifically with immigrants, people of color, indigenous people, and faith communities.

  • Meet regularly with police personnel to address community concerns and pro­vide feedback.
  • Organize community forums and workshops.
  • Develop and organize community engagement initiatives, some with a focus on youth.
  • Organize and facilitate training for police and community.
  • Partner with various community organizations.
  • Meet with community members to listen, learn, and build relationships.
  • Act as a bridge between community and police.

Prospective candidates should:

  • Be able to attend monthly meetings.
  • Be accepting of people from different backgrounds and faiths.
  • Have existing community connections with the ability to foster new relationships.
  • Be willing to cooperatively work with police in enhancing relationships among all cultures.
  • Live, work or be connected to Maplewood.