The City of Maplewood requires a demolition permit for the demolition or removal of a primary structure or a garage.

If the structure is served by either a septic system or is connected to the municipal sanitary sewer system, a utility disconnect permit and site grading permit are required before the city will issue a demolition permit. In addition, the municipal water utility must give approval before the city will issue a demolition permit.

A licensed sewer and water contractor must obtain a sanitary sewer service capping or repair permit and a licensed grading contractor must obtain a grading permit. The Maplewood Engineering Division, at the Public Works building - 1902 County Road B East, issues these permits. The Engineering Division can be reached at 651-249-2400.

The city requires compliance with the city right of way ordinance.

Please note: The Maplewood demo permit is separate to the required 10-day notification to MPCA and Ramsey County.

Application Process for Demolition Permits

Contractors must be licensed.
  1. Contractor applies for the demolition permit with the Environmental and Economic Development Department and provides proof of property ownership and photo of structure to be demolished.
  2. The contractor must complete and receive approval of the following three areas before a demolition permit will be issued by the Building Inspections Department:
    1. Contractor obtains sanitary sewer service connection/repair permit at Public Works building and has disconnect inspected.
    2. Contractor obtains grading permit at Public Works building.
    3. Contractor contacts appropriate water department regarding approval of water disconnect, removal of meter and final billing:
      1. St. Paul Regional Water Utility at 651-266-6270
      2. North St. Paul Water (NE Maplewood) at 651-747-2400
      3. Woodbury Water (parts of S Maplewood) at 651-714-3595
      4. Roseville Water at 651-792-7000
      5. Little Canada Water at 651-766-4049
  3. The city will contact the contractor when the demolition permit is ready.
  4. The Building Inspections Department issues the demolition permit to the contractor.
  5. Demolition work can begin.