Additions, either to a dwelling or a garage, require a building permit. Construction plans should include a cross-section of the house, a floor plan, footing plans and a certificate of survey. Also, see the single-family lot guidelines (PDF) for standard setbacks from your property lines.

Note:  Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (PDF) are required to be placed throughout the house per code before a final inspection will be approved.

Involving a Contractor

If a contractor is constructing the addition, the city requires the contractor to be licensed with either the state or the City of Maplewood. All gas work must be done by a contractor who is licensed for HVAC with the City of Maplewood.

Documentation required when applying for an addition building permit:
  • Building permit application (PDF) - including project valuation
  • 3 copies of construction plans - including cross-section of house, floor plan, list of materials, roof truss layout, floor truss layout, heat loss calcs, energy calcs and footing plan
  • 3 copies of a certificate of survey or site plan (PDF) - showing proposed addition and all distances to property lines and other buildings
  • Separate permits are required for plumbing (PDF), mechanical (PDF), or electrical (PDF) work