PUD Rezoning


Over the last year the City of Maplewood has begun implementing its 2040 Comprehensive Plan. As part of the implementation process, the City determined that modifications were needed to the City Code relative to Planned Unit Developments (PUDs). PUDs are subdivisions that have development specific site and building regulations intended to create a cohesive character. 

What is a PUD?

  • Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) are subdivisions that have flexibility from zoning standards to achieve a cohesive character.
  • PUDs emphasize site design and allow for flexibility to achieve other goals of the City - for example, smaller lot sizes may be allowed within a PUD to accommodate the preservation of wetlands.
  • Historically, the standards of a PUD were established through a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).
  • With the recent code change, the standards of a PUD will be set through rezoning to a new individual PUD district.
  • PUDs that were previously approved with a CUP will continue under the same rules. However, if a significant change is needed to the PUD then rezoning to a new PUD district will be required.

What if I Want to Make Changes to My Property?

Individual Homeowners/Residents

The process for making changes to your property will be virtually the same. City permit applications for building updates, expansions, and remodels will remain the same. The same standards, such as setbacks, height restrictions, and impervious surface coverage, will continue under the new PUD-F zoning district.

Homeowner Associations or Similar Organizations

There should be little impact to Homeowner Associations or Similar Organization (HOA)-owned property. Some PUDs have conditions within their existing CUP that relate to HOAs and common-lots within the PUD. The new provisions will only come into play if the HOA wants to amend these conditions or change something about the existing PUD. Then, instead of going through a CUP amendment process, they will go through a PUD rezoning process.


The submittal requirements for developers looking to subdivide new neighborhoods using the PUD process will remain the same, and the reviewing process will still require a Public Hearing at the Planning Commission and final approval by the City Council. As with HOAs, the only impact comes if a developer wants to amend an existing PUD. Now that amendment process will be a rezoning rather than amending the CUP; however, the submittal requirements remain the same.

Overview Video Presentation

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