Home Occupation

A home occupation is any business that a resident runs from their property. The business must be secondary to the residential use of the property.

The City requires a license approved by the City Council if any of the following activities occur more than 30 days each year on the property:

  1. Employment of a nonresident.
  2. Customers or customers' vehicles coming to the property.
  3. Manufacture, assembly or processing of products or materials.
  4. Parking more than 1 vehicle used in the home occupation which the City classifies as a light commercial vehicle. A light commercial vehicle has a payload rating of 3/4-ton or less and a snowplow, glass carrier, crane or similar commercial attachment.
  5. Parking a vehicle used in the home occupation which exceeds a 3/4-ton payload capacity.
  6. The business produces any waste that should be treated or regulated.

Application & Submittal Requirements

Please refer to the Home Occupation License Application (PDF) for submittal requirements.