Lot Division

Planning staff may approve or cause to be modified plans for a lot division; however, staff must first determine that the plans meet all City ordinances and policies and that the proposal would not have an adverse impact on the subject property or surrounding properties. Please note, a Lot Division shall not result in the creation of more than 3 lots. If staff makes a negative determination or the applicant wishes to appeal the decision, the case shall be sent to the City Council for action.

Application & Filing Requirements 

The Lot Division application is available through our online permitting system (Accela) and can be accessed via the Citizen Access portal linked above. Before you submit an application, please be sure to discuss your project with a Planner to ensure this is the correct application for you. 


In addition to the online application, supplemental documents and plans may be required. Please access the link below detailing the supplemental items required for this application, in addition to the procedural details staff follow to process your application. All supplemental items must be emailed to a Planner after submitting the application online.

Lot Division - Filing Requirements & Procedure

If you need assistance with the online system, please use the reference guide below or contact us at 651-249-2312:

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  2. Submitting an Application