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Anchored by the Maplewood Mall and St. John's Hospital, the North End is an important economic generator for the City of Maplewood and of one the premier activity centers in the northeastern portion of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Furthermore, the City of Maplewood is currently working with Ramsey County and the Metropolitan Council on planning for a new multimillion dollar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line - the Rush Line - that will have two stations serving the North End district and three more stations serving other parts of Maplewood.

Although the North End has been constantly evolving since it was first developed over 40 years ago, significant changes in the real estate industry and our overall economy are rapidly redefining where and how we live, work, and play. Activity centers once designed to be accessible only by automobile are losing their viability unless they can transform into truly connected places defined not only by multi-modal systems but by new uses and development that reinforce walkability, livability, and placemaking. Therefore, it is critical that the City of Maplewood work with key stakeholders and other important constituents to create a consensus vision and framework for the North End that will ensure its position as a hub of vital activity well into the future.

North End Study Area




Photo from August 21     Open House

Attendees of the August 21 Open House gathered to learn more about the North End Vision Plan.


North End Vision Planning Process

The proposed planning process has been laid out to include five tasks which are described below:

Task 1: Project Management
The overall purpose of Task 1 is to make sure the project meets the city’s expectations and is completed within the agreed upon budget and scheduled.

Task 2 Stakeholder Engagement
Public and stakeholder engagement will be a vital aspect of the North End Vision Plan. The Perkins+Will Team will utilize its experience engaging the public and stakeholders to effectively engage North End business and landowners, Maplewood residents and policymakers, and other affected stakeholders in developing a new vision and plan for this area. A project working group will be created to guide the steps needed to complete the plan, review and comment on draft materials associated with the plan at key milestones, and to endorse a recommended plan to the Maplewood Planning Commission and City Council.

Attached to this report, is a draft community engagement plan that works to fully detail how this project will engage the public. Upon project initiation, the consultant team will work with city staff to finalize the draft community engagement plan which includes a more detailed list and schedule of planned engagement strategies as well as the parties responsible for implementing each strategy.

In addition, Perkins+Will will ensure the city council leads this process and have built in check in points throughout the process to ensure the council has the opportunity to guide and influence the development of the plan.  Meetings with the city’s planning commission and community design review board have also been included to ensure their expertise and feedback is utilized.

Task 3 Discovery
This task will focus on an initiation with the work group and integration of market conditions, clarifying issues and opportunities, defining guiding principles, goals and objectives, as well as, further refining the framework schematics based on information and insight from the work group.

Task 4 Exploring Alternatives and Strategic Framework Plan
This task will include the refinement of alternative master plan concepts into a single working framework plan. The selection of a final framework plan will ensure that the design of individual segments will be integrated into the overall plan.

Task 5 Making Decisions: Implementation Strategies
Upon authorization to proceed Perkins+Will will begin phase three which will focus on establishing an implementation strategy and documentation of the plan.

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