Prairie Farm

About Prairie Farm

With a little imagination, at Maplewood’s Prairie Farm Preserve you can travel back in time to the early 1900s and beyond. The open rolling pasture at the preserve was seed with native prairie grasses and flowers in Fall 2002 and offers a chance to wade through that sea of grass the early settlers described. A wetland created at the preserve attracts birds and wildlife.

As you’re hiking the preserve, you’ll never be far from a glimpse of the old red barn of the Bruentrup Heritage Farm. The farm buildings were relocated to the preserve in 1999 and are lovingly maintained by the Maplewood Historical Society. In addition to holding its monthly meetings at the Farm, the Historical Society hosts programs and special events for the public here. Plans call for creating gardens and a small orchard at the farmstead.


2017-2018 Restoration Project Has Begun

Maplewood received a Conservation Partners Legacy grant to enhance pollinator habitat at Prairie Farm Preserve.   About 1/3 of the grassland at the Farm is a diverse mix of prairie flowers and grasses – these high quality areas are being preserved.  The remaining grassland is being restored to prairie.

Project Timeline

Step 1: Remove brush and selected trees  - Spring/Summer 2017
Step 2: Spot weed control of high quality prairie areas June 2017-July 2018
Step 3:   Three herbicide treatments of poor quality areas July 2017- June 2018
Step 4: Prescribed burn and/or mow – the site may be burned or mowed in fall 2017 or spring 2018
Step 5: Seed the prairie in June 2018

Parts of the landscape will be brown during the restoration, but the high quality areas being preserved will bloom with flowering spurge, beebalm, butterfly, and a host of native wildflowers.


  • Terrain and Trails: The terrain is rolling slopes, the site has a short paved trail (4/10 mile) that is handicapped accessible (Bicycles are permitted on the paved trail only)
  • Acreage: 22-acre natural area plus two-acre farmstead
  • Location: The preserve is located in northern Maplewood, just south of Highway 694, 2 blocks east of Maplewood Mall (The site is bordered by McKnight Road on the east and County Road D and Woodlynn on the north and south)
  • Entrances: On Woodlynn and County Road D
  • Parking: Parking lot east of the farm buildings on County Road D
  • Facilities: There are no restrooms or drinking water at the preserve. Facilities are available at the Bruentrup Heritage Farm during public events