Hidden Marsh

About Hidden Marsh
Tucked away in the neighborhood, Hidden Marsh Preserve is one of Maplewood’s smallest Neighborhood Preserves. The large wetland adjacent to the preserve is home to many deer so keep an eye open for deer tracks and scrapes. Though past activities have taken a toll on this natural area, the site is off the beaten path and offers the solitude of woods and wetlands. You’ll have to share that solitude with the mosquitoes, but also with dragonflies and frogs.

  • Terrain and Trails: Hiking is difficult (There are no maintained trails on this site. Some hills and some flat terrain)
  • Acreage: 6 acres
  • Location: The preserve is located near 2780 Arcade Street
  • Entrances: Along north side of driveway for 2780 Arcade Street
  • Parking: Street parking in nearby neighborhood
  • Facilities: There are no restrooms or drinking water at the preserve