About Carver Preserve
At Maplewood’s Carver Preserve rolling hills and long views over the Mississippi River Valley set the stage. After European settlement, the site was used for agriculture, primarily as pasture. Today, open pasture graces the eastern half of the preserve, with waves of grass and even a tiny patch of native prairie. If you hike west of the grassland, you can see natural succession of pasture to woodland in progress. Early successional trees like aspen and boxelder have moved in here and are providing shade.

There are no maintained trails at the preserve and few foot paths. Enjoy the adventure of wandering willy nilly through the grasses. But be warned, few can resist doing a Sound-of-Music twirl through the meadow. On a hot summer day, be sure to stop in the cooling shade of the conifer grove.

  • Terrain and Trails: The site has a steep slope and no maintained trails so hikers will need stamina
  • Acreage: 27 acres
  • Location: The preserve is located in southern Maplewood at the northwest corner of Carver and Sterling (The closest roads are Schadt Drive on the north, Sterling Street on the east, Carver on the south, and Dorland on the west)
  • Entrances: Sterling and Carver
  • Parking: Street parking on Sterling
  • Facilities: There are no restrooms or drinking water at the preserve