Fish Creek Archeology


In 2005, a Phase I Archaeology Investigation was conducted on the 70-acre Fish Creek site. One site of significance was identified.

View the 2005 Archaeology Report (PDF).


In July 2015, the City and its partners continued archaeological investigation on the site with a two-day field session for the community. Under the direction of Archaeologist Jeremy Nienow, a group of citizen scientists found several pottery shards and flakes (chips from stone tools) and identified the western boundary of the archaeological site.

Ramsey County Historical Society (RCHS) and Maplewood Area Historical Society were Maplewood's partners on the 2015 study. That project was funded in part by the Ramsey County Historical Society and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, a Heritage Partnership Program Grant administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.

View the 2015 Archeology Report (PDF).