Nature Center Preserve

Nature center building now open

Under a reorganization plan, Parks and Recreation and the Nature Center have transitioned into the Parks and Natural Resources Department, which is now located in the Nature Center building, allowing the City to reopen the facility during the week. Additionally, the department has resumed occasional on-site educational programing. Community outreach events will resume citywide next spring and summer.   

The reorganized department will oversee parks and open space operations and maintenance. It will also carry out the City’s environmental planning, climate mitigation and adaption mission, and pursuit of wildlife and natural resources protection and education

Building Hours

Current: 8am - 4:30 pm

Beginning November 22nd: 9a-3p (or by appointment)

Call 651-249-2111 for appointment.

Trail Hours

Open Dawn to dusk daily.
Trails, picnic area, and nature play yard are available to use every day of the year.


2659 East Seventh Street, Maplewood


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Pet Policy

Please be advised that no pets of any kind are allowed in this Wildlife Sanctuary. Nesting birds, mammals and plants thank you for respecting this rule. As an alternative, you may enjoy taking your pet to the nearby Battle Creek Dog Park.