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EAB, What Can I Do?

In our ongoing effort to address the Emerald Ash Borer issue, we're hosting another FREE informational session via Zoom. All registrants will receive an email with the zoom link.

In this class, you will learn ash tree identification, signs of EAB infestation, spread prevention, treatment do’s and don’ts and replanting opportunities. Question and answer period at the end of class.

Nature Programming Partnerships

We are excited to begin our programming partnerships with various community partners and organizations at the Maplewood Nature Center. Programs are operated and registered for through each individual organization. Links to register and more information are below.

  1. Ramsey county 4H programs
  2. Self-Guided Groups


For registration support, please contact Jan Logelin (

  • Step 1:Enroll in 4-H online ( for the 2022-2023 year. The 4-H Enrollment Guide may be helpful. Select “In-person 4-H Camp/Event".
    • Allow 1-2 days for your enrollment to be approved. Then, you will be able to go back in and register for the Event. 
  • Step 2:Register for “Maplewood Nature Center” in the Events section of 4-H Online.
    • Each month and session will have its own registration.
  • Step 3: 
    • Credit Card payment through our online payment platform with Clover®. 
      • Link to be shared with you once registration is complete. Under Customer Information: PLEASE ENTER YOUTH FIRST & LAST NAME.
    • Mail Payment to: 475 Coffey Hall, 1420 Eckles Avenue. St. Paul, MN  55108, Attention: Jan Logelin. Make checks payable to: Ramsey County Leaders Council.


  • Fee: $10/each (includes a snack)
  • Ages: Grades K-5
  • Time: 9a-12p
  • Location: Maplewood Nature Center

Friday October 21: Nature Journals + Sensory Tour
Before we had words, we had wonder and curiosity. As our words developed, we started asking lots of questions and making lots of observations about the world around us. What kind of bug is that? Why does the sun feel so warm on my skin? This mud feels squishy underneath my feet.  Somewhere along the way, our questions seem to become less and less, but we believe curiosity and wonder should never stop! Nature is such a rich and meaningful place to learn. Nature journaling and the practice of using our senses to explore the natural world can inspire all of us to be keen observers of nature’s wonders in our backyards and beyond! Join Ramsey County 4-H as we create nature journals and take a discovery walk around the Nature Center’s beautiful trails.

Tuesday, November 8: Fishing
It’s oh-fish-ial! We invite you to join Ramsey County 4-H as we introduce you to the exciting world of fishing! Fishing is a great way to get outside with family or friends and explore the fishing experience. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about aquatic food chains, fishing equipment, and fishing safety. For example, how do we know what places are safe to go fishing? What skills can be developed and used in your fishing practice? From minnows to bobbers to crappies, this session is sure to excite.

Monday, December 5: Animal Tracks & Signs
Deer, rabbits and squirrels, oh my! Did you know that there are many ways to discover animal signs all around us? Animals leave many signs that help us determine how they interact with the environment. Perhaps you’ve seen a track in your backyard or noticed some fur on a walking path near your home. Whatever the case, we want to invite you to learn alongside Ramsey County 4-H! Having a better understanding of the ways animals live can help us mindfully interact with the outdoors in ways that leave space for both humans and animals to coexist in harmony. Please dress warm and in layers as we will be adventuring outside!

Monday, February 20: Nature Crafts
Creating craft lanterns is a fantastic way to use your imagination and explore the beauty and patterns of the natural world. Nature craft paper lanterns may use pressed flowers or flattened greenery from nature to decorate with. Pressed plant art involves drying flowers and flattening, or pressing, their petals and leaves. These lanterns make for beautiful day-time decoration and will bring light into homes during the night. Ice lanterns are another beautiful type of creative artwork; making ice lanterns involves freezing a container of water and creating a cavity to add a light source. Besides the artistic possibilities, it’s also exciting to explore the science behind freezing water. Lanterns are a fun, nature-inspired craft that may welcome a changing season, make a cute holiday decoration, or engage in talks about nature.

Friday, March 10: DIY Bird Feeder
The wildlife around us can be an important indication of the health of our environment. Conducting a wildlife survey can help you understand what the quality of your environment is and what you can do to help! Join Ramsey County 4-H as we identify common bird species in our own environments through a wildlife bird survey. We’ll explore the Nature Center together and share observations so we can collectively understand what about each habitat has attracted different birds. We will end the session by making our very own DIY bird feeders!

Friday, April 7: Microgreen Planting
Have you ever tried a “microgreen” before? If not, you’re in for a tasty treat! Join Ramsey County 4-H as we learn about and discover the nutrient-dense microgreen. Participants will choose from several microgreen varieties and create a perfectly packaged take-home microgreen planting that can be harvested at home!