Demonstration Gardens

Native Gardens at Maplewood Nature Center

Marsh Marigolds at MNC Visit the gardens around the Visitor Center for inspiration for your home landscape. You will find a native garden for nearly every situation from wet to dry and sun to shade. The WaterWorks rainwater system demonstrates ways to put rainwater to work in the garden.

There’s always something to see in the native gardens. The prairie gardens bloom from May until hard frost with colors and textures changing as the seasons advance. Many native shrubs provide berries for the birds. Get more information about Yard and Garden.

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Visit the Woodland Garden in Spring

Trillium flowerEnjoy the delicate and ephemeral woodland wildflowers in the woodland garden near the patio. Sit on the bench to enjoy the wild geraniums, yellow violets, anemones, wild blue phlox, and more growing under the shade of a basswood tree. These woodland flowers all take advantage of the sunlight before the trees leaf-out in late spring. Basswood flowers are an important nectar source for bees.

Best Woodland Wildflower Viewing Period

Late April into early June