Club - On Sale

A "Club On Sale" license is require of any club or congressionally chartered veterans’ organization that engages in the sale of intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises of the licensed establishment where sold, provided the organization:

  • Has been in existence for at least 3 years
  • Has more than 30 members
  • Has owned or rented a building or space in a building for more than one year that is suitable and adequate for the accommodation of its members
  • Is directed by a board
  • Engages in liquor sales only to club members and bona fide guests

Code Requirements

Guidance relating to Club On Sale licenses is contained in the Maplewood City Code, Chapter 6, Article III. All license holders are required to be familiar with the provisions of this Chapter, Minnesota Statute Chapter 340A and federal regulations.

Apply for a License

Applications for business licenses have been transitioned to an online licensing system (Accela) and is available for access via the Citizen Access portal.

Application Requirements

Guide to Using the Citizen Access Portal

Please use the reference guides below to assist you in registering for an account and applying for a license. If you need additional assistance please contact us at 651-249-2003.

Expiration / Renewal

The annual Club On-Sale Intoxicating Liquor License expired December 31st of each year and may be renewed at that time.