Storm Sewer Drainage

The stormwater sewer system is the responsibility of the street division. 

Maplewood has an extensive storm drain system to accommodate stormwater runoff consisting of:
  • Storm sewers
  • Catch basins
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Lift stations
  • Force mains
  • Wetlands
storm sewer drainage
Maplewood has initiated a number of programs and erosion control policies to improve stormwater quality. 

Treatment ponds and sedimentation sumps within manholes are designed to remove significant amounts of natural and man-made pollutants from the storm water before it enters area lakes.

Stormwater sewers are intended for one thing only - stormwater.

Street Crew
The Street Division crews keep all the storm sewers clean of debris and in working order. Leaves, grass clippings and debris should not be put in the street. They collect on top of storm sewer grates and create several problems.

Melting snow and rain cannot properly drain into blocked grates and, therefore, the water backs up and pools in streets and yards.

Dry leaves are very difficult to pick up with a street sweeper and will likely be washed down the storm sewer before the sweeper gets to your neighborhood.

Also, leaves and debris that wash into the storm sewer decompose in a downstream water body and release high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen that drastically reduce the quality of lakes and ponds and kill fish.

The dumping of motor oil, antifreeze, etc. into storm sewers is also illegal and polluting.