Sanitary Sewer Maintenance

Maplewood provides sanitary sewer service to most Maplewood residents, as well as some homes in neighboring communities.

The Utility Division maintains these sanitary sewer lines which discharge into the regional waste treatment system managed by the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES).

They also are responsible for the lift stations that pump the sewage to the MCES system for treatment. Properties not on sewer lines utilize private on-site septic systems.

Sanitary Sewer Cover

Line Televising

The Utility crew also televises sections of line each year. If, during televising, tree roots are observed protruding from the private sewer line of a residence into the main, the homeowner is notified by post card of this.

The owner has an option to have his line cleaned by a private contractor to ascertain whether there is any blockage.

Sewer Odors

Floor and sink drains usually have water filling the bottom of the drain trap which acts as a barrier between the air in the sewer line and the air in your home. When the drain trap becomes dry, sewer odors can enter into the residence.

If you experience sewer odors in your home, try pouring water down the drain.

Sump Pumps

If you have a sump pump in your basement, it is illegal to drain the water into the basement sanitary sewer drain or laundry tub.

Sump pumps must be discharged outside of the house to the yard or drainway that will prevent the water from draining directly to your neighbor's property or the street.

Sewer Repairs

The homeowner is responsible for any repairs on the service line from the home to, and including, the connection to the sewer main that is usually located in the middle of the street. All repairs must be performed by a licensed sewer contractor.

A Lateral Lining Policy (PDF) has been created in order to provide an alternative to open cut repairs. The city needs to protect its investment into reconstructed city streets. Lining may be cost-effective to a homeowner especially given the high cost of performing an open cut in a recently reconstructed street and the associated cost to return the street to its original condition.