Water & Sewer Providers & Billing

Water Service Providers

The City of Maplewood does not have its own water utility.  St Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) provides water service to the majority of Maplewood residential and commercial properties.  Other border areas receive water from the cities of North St Paul, Little Canada, Roseville or Woodbury.

Each water service provider inspects and maintains their distribution infrastructure and storage facilities and are responsible for water quality and metering. Generally, the respective providers bill Maplewood accounts for water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer (environmental utility fund) and recycling charges.

Your Water Service

Call your water service provider directly to set up a new account.  
Permits and inspections by these water service providers are required for new water installations.

Residential Water Bill
A water bill includes charges for water usage, sanitary sewer usage, a storm sewer maintenance charge and a recycling charge.

Residential properties are billed for sanitary sewer based on the volume of water consumed.  Each year an accounts maximum sanitary sewer charge is determined by the winter quarter water usage.  Consequently, homeowner are not charged sewer fees for water used on lawn and garden care during the summer months.

Commercial Water Bill
Commercial properties water and sanitary sewer are billed based on actual water usage.  The storm sewer charge is based on acreage.

For those commercial properties using a deduct meter to measure lawn irrigation water usage, call Maplewood Public Works at 651-249-2400 to arrange for sanitary sewer credits.

Hydrant Information

The Maplewood Utility Department does paint the fire hydrants in Maplewood. Hydrants in a particular area, usually 30 to 40 structures, are first sanded and primed. Then they are spray-painted either a safety-yellow or a combination of red and yellow.

The red/yellow hydrants have a Street Paul thread and are an indication to the Fire Department that an adapter is needed in order to attach a fire hose. The yellow hydrant has a universal thread and the fire hose can be attached directly to the hydrant.