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The City of Maplewood's City Code of Ordinances outlines specific regulations on everything from alarm systems to zoning in its City Code. For more information, please call 651-249-2000. 

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The Code of the City of Maplewood, Minnesota, is published online as a convenience to citizens and the business community. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material published online, the only official edition of the City Code is the printed version maintained by the City Clerk. Downloaded versions are not considered official.

Note that the City Council may have made amendments, additions or deletions to the City Code subsequent to the latest online version of the code. Additional ordinances currently not yet incorporated in the latest code publication are listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks. 

Proposed Ordinances for Council Consideration (Minn. Stat. §415.19)

None at this time.

Subsequently Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Added to Code Book:

Ord. 978 An Ordinance Allowing the Keeping of Bees (Adopted 06.11.2018)
Ord. 979 An Ordinance Allowing the Keeping of Poultry in All Zoning Districts (Adopted 06.11.2018)
Ord, 980 An Ordinance Allowing the Temporary Keeping of Goats and Sheep (Adopted 06.11.2018)
Ord. 981 An Ordinance Allowing Aquaponics and Aquaculture in the Light and Heavy Manufacturing Zoning Districts (Adopted 06.11.2018)
Ord. 982 An Ordinance Allowing Community and Market Gardens (Adopted 06.11.2018)
Ord. 983 An Ordinance Allowing Front Yard Gardening and Permaculture (Adopted 06.11.2018)
Ord. 984 An Ordinance Allowing Urban Farms (Adopted 06.11.2018)
Ord. 985 An Ordinance Allowing Direct to Consumer Sales in All Commercial Zoning Districts (Adopted 06.11.2018)
Ord. 986 An Ordinance Repealing Sections 8.66 Through 8.71 of the Maplewood City Code Relating to Coin-Operated Amusement Devices (Adopted 06.25.2018)    
Ord. 987 Ordinance Amending Zoning Map to Change the Zoning District for the Property at 2135 Larpenteur Avenue from Farm Residence (F) to Small-Lot Residential (R1-S) (Adopted 07.09.2018)
Ord. 988 Amending the Electric Franchise Ordinance with Northern States Power (Adopted 07.23.2018)
Ord. 989 Amending the Electric Franchise Fee Ordinance with Northern States Power, with the Stipulation That the Fee Increases Also Apply to Electric Power Provided by North St. Paul (Adopted 07.23.2018)
Ord. 990 Amending the Gas Franchise Ordinance with Northern States Power (Adopted 07.23.2018)
Ord. 991 Amending the Gas Franchise Fee Ordinance with Northern States Power (Adopted 07.23.2018)
Ord. 992 Establishing the Beebe Meadows Storm Sewer Improvement Tax District (Adopted 08.27.2018)
Ord. 993 An Ordinance Repealing Chapter 2, Article IV, Division 3 of the City Code Regarding the Police Civil Service Commission (Adopted 09.10.2018)
Ord. 994 An Ordinance Repealing Section 2-43 of the City Code Regarding the Filing of a Council Vacancy (Adopted 11.26.2018)
Ord. 995 An Ordinance Amending Section 36-39 of the Maplewood City Code Regarding Overnight Parking on City Streets (Adopted 12.10.18)
Ord. 996 An Ordinance Instituting a Public Safety Repeat Nuisance Service Call Fee (Adopted on 12.10.18)
Ord. 997 An Ordinance Amendment to Chapter 4, Alarms and Alarm Systems (Adopted on 12.10.18)
Ord. 998 An Ordinance Establishing a Comprehensive Fee Schedule for 2019 (Adopted on 12.10.18)