Data Requests

The Government Data Practices Act (State Statutes, Chapter 13) regulates the collection, creation, storage, maintenance and dissemination of government data and provides for data classification.

The law presumes that all government data are public, unless they are specifically classified by a state or federal law as private/confidential (data on individuals) or nonpublic/protected nonpublic (data not on individuals).

Policy & Procedures

The City of Maplewood has created a policy and procedures manual below to assist the general public in understanding their rights to access government data, how to make a request, the response time and fees involved in producing government data. Please review this manual to assist you in making a proper data request. The city is not required to respond to a question that is not a request for data and we are not required to create data in order to respond.

Request Requirements

In general, your request should be in writing and include:

  • That you are making a request under the Government Data Practices Act
  • Whether you would like to inspect the data, have copies of the data, or both
  • A clear description of the data you would like to inspect or have copied and a manner in which you would like to have the data provided to you (electronic, paper copies, etc.)
  • Identifying information, if you are the data subject

Make a request by using our online form or by submitting a data request form below by mail, email or fax. 


Policies & Procedures

Receiving Requests

Once received, we will confirm your request and advise you of the approximate response time and fees as soon as that information is known.

The City Clerk’s office is the Responsible Authority whom all requests for government data should be referred to.