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  1. Minnesota Government Data Practices Act

    All government data is treated as public data unless otherwise specified by another state or federal law. The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA) gives everyone the right to look at and request copies of public data that the City of Maplewood maintains. If a request for private data is made by an individual who is not the data subject, the City will provide the data in a redacted form.

    Data may be reviewed/inspected for free; if copies, paper or electronic, are requested there may be a fee charged.

    Please use the form below to submit a data request or contact City Clerk/Responsible Authority Andrea Sindt at

    The MGDPA does not require that you submit any personal information, such as name or address, when requesting data. However, the City will need your email address in order to contact you. If your request is for private data about you, we will require proof of identity before we respond to your request.

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