Snow & Ice Removal

Maplewood Street Division’s highest profile job is the plowing and sanding of city streets. The street superintendent determines when the crews begin plowing--usually as close as practical to the time the snowfall ceases. 

The call out of equipment is dependent on the time and severity of the snowfall. The most critical times are morning and evening “rush hour” periods.

The city is divided into zones for plowing. Within each of the zones, a system of priority has been established taking into consideration topography, traffic volumes, and special usage. Heavily traveled routes are given greater priority over less traveled routes. Streets adjacent to schools and commercial areas are given additional consideration.
The center of the roadway is plowed first; subsequent passes by the plow move the snow onto the boulevard. In cul-de-sacs, the snow is plowed either into the middle or at a selected spot within the cul-de-sac. This snow is then hauled away at a later date. 
The City will use sand, salt, and other deicers when there is hazardous ice or other slippery conditions. The City is concerned about the effect of such chemicals on the environment and will limit its use for that reason. The City does not attempt to maintain the streets in a bare pavement condition.  
City Crews Need Your Help
It is against the law to throw or plow snow from your driveway onto the street! It can be dangerous for road users and causes your neighbors extra work, as well as problems with mail delivery.

Please keep children away from curbs and boulevards when snowplows are working. Discourage digging or tunneling in snow piles on the boulevards. Plows throw tons of snow during heavy snowfall that can quickly bury a child or cause a tunnel to collapse.

You can help by keeping fire hydrants clear of snow so that the fire department has quicker access in case of a fire.
  • Be prepared for winter driving and possible delays due to the weather.
  • Don’t crowd the snowplow; give them room to work.
  • Be patient; plowing the entire city takes time.
  • Don’t pass a snowplow unless you see the whole plow, including its blade.
  • Don’t place your garbage container in the street.