Street Improvement Plan - 5 Year

Workers using machines to pave a streetThe Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) is evaluated annually by the Maplewood Engineering Department and is subject to change. This program reflects proposed public improvements over the upcoming 5-year period.

Minor adjustments to the CIP are made based on:

  • Budget
  • Financing
  • Logistics
  • Regular condition surveys of the streets

A map of the Capital Improvement Plan projects (PDF) proposed for the next 5 years is available.


Most capital improvement projects are funded in part by special assessments and in part by city tax levy, as well as various other applicable funds, such as:

  • Environmental utility
  • Sanitary sewer
  • St. Paul Regional Water Services
  • State Aid
  • Etc.

The Maplewood Pavement Management Policy, established in 1999, sets assessment rates based on the type of improvement procedure proposed for a given project. These assessments rates are adjusted each year. 

Council's Role

  • The City Council prioritizes these prospective projects and authorizes feasibility studies for those scheduled in the following year.
  • The Engineering Division then schedules informational meetings with the project area residents, surveys the area, prepares preliminary designs, evaluates alternatives and presents a recommendation to the City Council. Some improvement projects are initiated by resident petition.
  • If the council approves the project, the engineering division then prepares final construction plans, lets the project out for bids and provides inspection during construction of the improvement.
  • Outside engineering consulting firms are sometimes hired to handle improvement projects within the city. These firms work in conjunction with the Maplewood engineering staff.
  • A city inspector works as a liaison on those projects.