Sanitary & Storm Sewer Connection

Sanitary Sewer Connection

Person sawing PVC pipe while another person holds the pipeFor both residential and commercial properties, sanitary sewer permits are issued by the Engineering Department in Public Works. The contractor doing the work must be licensed by the City of Maplewood as a Sewer Contractor (PDF).


Repairs, connections and capping/disconnects to the city's sanitary sewer main all require a Sanitary Service Permit Application (PDF).

For new structures, where no connection existed before, it is likely a Sanitary Sewer Main Permit Application (PDF) and detailed plans are required.

If it becomes necessary to cut into a city street as in an open-cut repair a Right-of-Way Permit Application (PDF) in addition to the Sanitary Service permit would be needed. When doing work in a city street, an escrow fee may also be collected depending on the scope of the project.

Schedule Inspection

Permits must be issued before any work or inspections are done. To schedule sanitary sewer inspections: 

On the day you wish to have the inspection, call 651-249-2400. This is the only number where you may schedule a sewer inspection.

The last scheduled time for an inspection is 2:30 pm.

Storm Sewer Connection

Water flowing down a drainPermits for a Storm Sewer Connection Application (PDF) from new residential developments or commercial construction to the city's storm sewer system are issued by the Engineering Department in Public Works. A detailed set of plans is required to apply for this type of permit.

The rate for this permit is based upon the number of structures that are present in the storm sewer system. An escrow fee is also collected at time of issuance and returned upon passing an on site inspection.

A storm sewer connection permit is not required for an individual residential structure.