Right-of-Way Permit


The City of Maplewood has adopted a Right-of-Way Ordinance (PDF) to manage the public rights-of-way. The ordinance was adopted on December 11, 2017.

The public rights-of-way are used to locate public utilities such as storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, telephone, electric, gas and other utilities. Sharing these same rights-of-way are the City’s streets, sidewalks, and trail networks. 

During the course of a year there are numerous intrusions into the right-of-way that are necessary to install, repair, or remove utilities. Each intrusion into the right-of-way has the potential to degrade the useful life of the right-of-way. 
right-of-way  Gopher


This ordinance is necessary to provide for the safety of the public, protect the City’s infrastructure, and ensure the appropriate use of the right-of-way.

By adopting this ordinance the City is able to maintain its right-of-way in a state of good repair and keep it free from unnecessary encumbrances.

If you are doing any work that could potentially affect the right of way please contact Public Works at 651-249-2400. 

You may submit your Right-of-Way Permit Application in-person, fax (651-249-2409), or row@maplewoodmn.gov