Block Party Permit

A Block Party permit is required of any person or company hosting an event which requires the entire or portion of the surrounding road to be closed. Block parties are not allowed on through streets, and a limit of four hours is in place for all events.

Apply for a Permit

Applications have been transitioned to an online licensing system (Accela) and is available for access via the Citizen Access portal

Guide to using the Citizen Access Portal

Please use the reference guides below to assist you in registering for an account and applying for a license or permit. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 651-249-2001.

Application Requirements

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain and put up barricades, and ensure street is completely closed to traffic during the entire period of the event. Barricades can be obtained by contacting the Public Works Department at 651-249-2420. Barricades must be immediately removed at the end of the event. Applicants are also responsible for cleaning up any refuse from the party.


All permit applications must be submitted with a Block Party Consent form, signed by each property owner on the road that is to be blocked during the event. Permit applications shall be submit to the City Clerk's office and will be forwarded to the Police Department for review and approval.