Fire Strategic Plan

View a complete copy of the Maplewood's Fire Department (MFD) 2021 Strategic Plan (PDF).

Maplewood's Fire Department is committed to enhancing our community's quality of life by innovating and proactively working to reduce fire, medical emergency, and other risks. We strive to hire and develop exceptional people, immerse our staff in a variety of community activities, and manage our fiscal responsibility. We truly live our motto, "Service Before Self."


2018 was a year of transition for the Maplewood Fire Department. Part of that transition included an update to the department's Mission, Vision, and Values and the creation of a department motto. It also included the development of a new Strategic Plan. The strategic plan is updated and modified annually to best meet the needs of the community and to reflect the changes within the Department and the Community. 

The strategic plan is a guiding document that will identify where the department is heading in 2021 and into the future. The development of the plan involved staff representatives from each shift, line officers and department administration.

The Strategic Planning Process creates an opportunity for management, employees and stakeholder to work collaboratively to establish a common understanding of the direction of the department. The plan will be consulted at least quarterly to measure each strategic priority, objective, key outcome and action initiative.

Department Goals

  • Improve overall operational efficiency, including reducing false alarms maximizing personnel on calls, and maintaining optimal response times.
  • Build a better understanding of our services, educational opportunities and outreach events beyond fire/medical emergency response.
  • Identify our community's emergency and health-related risks and work to mitigate or eliminate them.
  • Become a top career choice for a diverse range of high-quality Fire/EMS professionals.

Strategic Plan Objectives

  • Optimize staffing, analyze call flow, enhance training and coordinate with Ramsey County and other communities to ensure we're delivering the quickest, most efficient service on every call.
  • Host outreach events and produce informative, easily understood educational pieces about emergency prevention and preparedness. Publish event notices and informational materials through traditional and social media.
  • Work with local and industry experts to expand our prevention programs and community safety curriculum. Actively invite businesses, our elderly and vulnerable residents, and young people to participate in these opportunities.
  • Enhance professional development, duty/promotional incentives, health and wellness offerings, and department inclusiveness to attract and retain skilled, dedicated firefighter/paramedics.
  • Reduce job-related injuries, employ technology, use best-practices approach to rotating medications and supplies, better manage our fleet and equipment to provide high-quality service at a lower cost to taxpayers.

Included in the Plan

  • Action Initiatives: How the key outcomes will be achieved
  • Key Outcomes: The plan to achieve our goals
  • Strategic Priorities: What do we want to become, What do we aspire to be

Fire Department staff took careful consideration in the development of this plan and related strategic priorities to the priorities established by the City of Maplewood. Items in parentheses represent the relation of the department's strategic plan to the City's strategic priorities.

Elements of the Plan

  • Effective Emergency Response (Operational Effectiveness): Take reasonable response action and steps to reduce harm and minimize damage in an emergency.
  • Employer of Choice (Operational Effectiveness): Offer a superior work culture that includes respect and commitment while creating a safe workplace that will attract, optimize and retain top talent.
  • Financial Responsibility and Sustainability (Financial Sustainability): Take actions to identify and quantify the department's resources while responsibly accounting for all expenditures.
  • Reduce Risk and Prevent Harm in the Community (Operational Effectiveness): Identify risks in the community and proactively work to protect the lives and health of individuals and society by enhancing protective factors.
  • Tell Our Story (Integrated Communication): Increase the intended audience's knowledge and awareness of the department's rich history and commitment to service while addressing public safety issues through clear communications both internally and externally.

Maplewood Fire/EMS is excited to continue its tradition of professional service to the community. The 2020 Strategic Plan presents several initiatives that will ensure that the community continues to receive unparalleled service.