Orphaned or Injured Wildlife

What to Do With Lost, Orphaned or Injured Animals

First, check whether you need to or should help the animal: MN DNR Should you help? If an animal is exhibiting aggressive or unusual behavior, do not approach it. 

Many animal mothers, such as deer and rabbits, leave their babies alone and hidden to keep them safe from predators. This is normal. Hanging around the baby would only draw attention to its location. Intervention on your part is likely not needed. 

If you have questions, contact the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. They have the permits, facility, and expertise that are needed to help the animal: 

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota
2530 Dale Street N
Roseville, MN 55113

Phone: 651-486-9453

Nature Center as a Resource

Please do not bring the animal to Maplewood Nature Center. If the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center cannot be reached you can call the Nature Center at 651-249-2111 and leave a message. We cannot take the animal but may be able to answer questions regarding whether it needs care. 

Do not keep wild animals without a permit or release captive animals into the wild.  These animals often transmit diseases to the wild animal population.