What You Can Do

Be Aware!

The 1st step in preventing the spread of invasive species is to be aware.

  • Learn about our local invasive species.
  • Do not purchase, plant or transport invasive species. Many invasive plants have caused problems in other areas of the United States before coming to Minnesota. Find information about plants that have caused problems in other areas of the country at the Midwest Invasive Plant Network and Invasive.org.

Be Careful!

Seeds from invasive plants can hitch a ride on your bike or vehicle tires, lawn mowers, clothing, on your pet’s fur or even on the bottom of your shoes! The Minnesota DNR’s Play, Clean, Go campaign shares ways you can prevent accidental spread.


Maplewood encourages residents and businesses to remove invasive species on your property. We provide educational support and programs such as the city-wide Buckthorn Program. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when you’re removing invasive plants.

  • Be 100% sure of a plant’s identity before removing it. Some beneficial native plants look similar to invasive plants. If you need help with identification, take several photos of the plant (as a whole, leaves, stems and flowers)
  • Try not to disturb native plants when removing invasive plants. Pulling is not recommended for buckthorn. Disturbed soil is an ideal spot for other invasives and weeds to move in. Learn how to prevent spread of the species you are removing. After removal, add native plants or seed the area to help prevent weed establishment.
  • Preferred control methods differ for each species. For management information on individual species, clink on the Plant Species of Concern link below.

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