1830 County Road B East
Maplewood, MN 55109

(651) 249-2600

(651) 249-2699

To file a police report please call: 651-767-0640.

Police Administration and Records 

Name Title Email Phone
Nadeau, Scott Public Safety Director 651-249-2602
Kvam, Dave Commander 651-249-2603
Shortreed, Michael Commander 651-249-2604
Crotty, Kerry Lieutenant 651-249-2605
Busack, Daniel Lieutenant 651-249-2607
Bierdeman, Brian Lieutenant 651-249-2606
Hendricks, Jenny Records Specialist 651-249-2612
Shea, Stephanie Records Specialist 651-249-2613


Name Title Email Phone
Dugas, Mike Sergeant 651-755-6699
Johnson, Kevin Sergeant 651-755-6768
Nye, Michael Sergeant 651-755-6727
Thienes, Paul Sergeant 651-755-6772
Steiner, Joe Sergeant 651-231-5087
Bartz, Paul Sergeant 651-755-6776

Investigations & Specialized Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Kvam, David Commander 651-249-2603
Bakke, Lonn School Resource Officer 651-249-2632
Belde, Stan Detective 651-249-2631
Fritze, Derek Detective 651-249-2621
Fisher, Cassie Crime Analyst/Technical Assistant 651-249-2629
Olson, Julie Detective 651-249-2622
Parker, James (Ryan) Detective 651-249-2623

Patrol Officers 

Name Title Email Phone
Shortreed, Michael Patrol Commander 651-249-2604
Kvam, Dave Patrol Commander 651-249-2603
Abel, Clint Police Officer 651-755-6697
Aldridge, Mark Retail Crime Officer 651-755-6767
Benjamin, Markese Police Officer 651-755-6766
Bergeron, Ashley Police Officer 651-356-1419
Carnes, John Police Officer 651-775-4012
Demulling, Joseph Police Officer / K9 Handler 651-325-5634
Forsythe, Marcus Police Officer 651-755-6343
Gabriel, Tony Police Officer 651-755-6726
Hawkinson, Tim Police Officer 651-755-6778
Her, Pheng Police Officer 651-239-9551
Hiebert, Steven Police Officer 651-755-6773
Hoemke, Michael Police Officer 612-322-5244
Kong, Tommy Police Officer 651-755-6690
Kroll, Brett Police Officer 651-755-6694
Langner, Scott Police Office 651-755-6723
Langner, Todd Police Officer / K9 Handler 651-755-6720
Lenertz, Nicholas Police Officer 651-238-2313
Lynch, Katie Police Officer 651-755-6783
McCarty, Glen Retail Crime Officer 651-755-6724
Marino, Jason Police Officer 651-755-6695
Micheletti, Brian Police Officer 651-755-6753
Starkey, Robert Police Officer 651-529-0063
Tauzell, Brian Police Officer 651-325-5637
Wenzel, Jay Police Officer 651-755-6685
Xiong, Kao Police Officer 651-755-6696
Zappa, Andrew Police Officer 651-247-5493
Xiong, Tuo Yer Police Officer 651-249-2666

Community Service Officers 

Name Title Email Phone
Krekeler, Nick Community Service Officer 651-755-6707
Landeros, Jessica Community Service Officer 651-400-2938
Dualeh, Ahmed Community Service Officer 651-249-2600
Salchow, Connor Community Service Officer 651-249-2600