A formal Compliance Order is written if a resident is not present for the inspection, and/or the violation is not minor, or they don't complete the work required by a verbal or written warning as stated in the Inspection phase.

This order must follow the rules stated below in order for the evidence collected to be admissible in court:

  • The notice must be written.
  • It must describe the location and nature of the violation.
  • It must establish a time for the correction of the violation and give notice of how to appeal any decision.
  • It must be served upon the owner and/or resident of the property either in person or by registered or certified mail.
  • If it is not possible to serve the owner/resident as stated above, the notice must be conspicuously posted on the property or dwelling.

Compliance Date

If the work is not completed by the compliance date and the resident has not asked for and been granted an extension, a citation may be written or the matter turned over to the City Attorney.

After a Citation

After a citation is written, the resident must schedule a date in Ramsey County Housing Court at which time the matter is heard by a judge.

The decision of the court determines if a fine must be paid and how the matter will be resolved.