City Prosecutor

The City Prosecutor, also an attorney, spends almost 100% of active time attending to the representation of the city in Criminal Court. Maplewood is located in Ramsey County, and all criminal cases that occur within the boundaries of the city are presented to the Ramsey County Court for resolution. The City's Prosecutor is responsible for taking all petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor, and gross misdemeanor cases to resolution.

Resolution of these cases is usually a negotiated agreement on behalf of the defendant between the attorneys, but in some cases a trial to a judge or jury occurs. In either case, much paperwork is involved and many trips to Court!


The city's felony prosecution is done by the County Attorney - referred to by many as the "DA". Despite the higher level of crime handled by the county, the vast number of cases are generated and handled by the City Prosecutor - literally many thousands of cases. All criminal case proceedings are held in public courtrooms and Maplewood has the privilege of providing a home to the satellite Ramsey County Courthouse, where much of the city's cases are handled (as are other suburban Ramsey County cities' cases).