Diseased Tree Inspection

Oak, elm, and ash comprise a substantial part of the city’s urban forest. Unfortunately, these trees are targeted by deadly epidemic diseases and/or infestations. Maplewood’s Diseased Tree Inspection program is designed to slow the spread of three tree diseases or pests:
  • Dutch Elm Disease-all species of elm (Ulmus)
  • Emerald Ash Borer-all species of ash (Fraxinus)
  • Oak Wilt-all species of oak (Quercus)
City Identifies Infectious Trees on Public and Private Land
The City of Maplewood ‘s certified tree inspector identifies trees on private and public land that are affected by Dutch elm disease, oak wilt or emerald ash borer. By authority granted in Minnesota Statute 18.022, the city tree inspector has the right to enter private property to check a tree.

A diseased elm, oak, or ash tree that could infect other trees is marked and inventoried. After it is marked, the property owner receives a letter regarding the action that needs to be taken. The city typically requires that the tree is removed by a specified date. If they property owner does not comply in a timely fashion, the city may have the tree taken down and bill the owner.

Report Diseased Trees
If you are concerned about a tree that may have oak wilt, emerald ash borer or Dutch elm disease, please call the Public Works Department at 651-249-2400.

Diseased Firewood
Infected and infested firewood can spread tree diseases. City ordinance prohibits storage of diseased firewood. Diseased elm or oak may only be stored if the wood is first debarked. There is a quarantine for Hennepin and Ramsey counties that prohibits the movement of firewood (all firewood except from conifers) and ash tree parts into or out of the quarantine area without a permit from the state.

Information on Tree Pests & Disease