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Pollinators Excite Kids and Adults at Fish Creek 

“Now when you grow up; be a good Student checks for pollinators at Fish Creekteenager!” I overheard a fourth-grade girl say to her baby lupine. I laughed and she looked up and smiled. I notice lots of smiles on kids’ faces as they plant wildflowers for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators in the rain garden on the bluff top of Fish Creek Natural Area. Kids learn one sure way to help pollinators is to plant the wildflower food they need to survive.   - Read more

Pollinator Habitat - Providing Stems for Baby Native Bees

The spring sun warmed my back, native liatris flowers are a great food source for butterflies and beesand the birds sang cheerfully, as I bent toward my home garden for the first time this spring. I had attended a pollinator seminar the day before, learning about gardening techniques to support stem-nesting bees, and I was ready to put those ideas to work.   - Read more

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Tips for Your Home and Yard

Plants for Pollinators

Pollinators are starving and we can help!  Marsh MilkweedThere’s a simple solution that involves planting more flowers wherever we can. Areas of green turf are pollinator deserts. Converting a bit of lawn to blooming shrubs or native prairie wildflowers is a great way to provide pollen and nectar consumed by bees and butterflies. Plants native to Minnesota provide the nectar and pollen that cultivars may not. Bees and butterflies have evolved with these plants and several bee species have specialized adaptations for specific flowers. Purchase your plants from Native Plant Nurseries.  

For a list of four plants to start your pollinator garden read more...

Yard Waste & Organics Recycling in Three Easy Steps

  1. OrganicsGather leaves, grass, and brush, and organic waste to be recycled.

  2. Bring yard waste and organics to a Ramsey County Yard Waste drop-off site.
  3. Add yard waste designated piles and organics to the collection bin.

Still have questions? Check out the videos.YardWaste

Out and About

Bumble Bee Rusty PatchTasty Treats from the Bees 
(children ages 4-10 with adult)
Saturday, July 21, 10-11:30 am
Maplewood Nature Center
Handout for Thursday, August 2nd, 6-7pm

Magnificent Monarchs (for all ages)monarch
Saturday, August 18, 1-2:30 pm
Maplewood Nature Center

Check out these bee jokes for a buzzin' good time!

Mumbling Bee graphicWhat kind of bee can’t be understood?

A Mumble Bee!

bees graphicWhy do bees buzz?

Because they can’t whistle!

Spelling Bee graphicWhat are the cleverest bees?

Spelling Bees!

Funny Bee graphicCan bees fly in the rain?

Not without their little yellow jackets!