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Online Code Violation Reporting Form

  1. In addition to providing proactive residential and commercial neighborhood services, the Code Enforcement Division for the City of Maplewood investigates approximately 500 reported complaints each year. Please allow up to five working days for an inspector to review your concerns. In order to help us serve you better, you must complete all *required sections of this form.

  2. Tennessen Warning: The data you supply for this complaint will be used for substantiating the complaint, purposes of investigation and if necessary to pursue legal action. The information you provide is voluntary and you are not required to provide any information. The information collected during an on-going investigation is information that is protected by the Minnesota Data Practices Act. The complainant's name is protected information, as is any inspection data, inspection result's, letters, phone calls, emails, or photos concerning the case investigation. If the case proceeds to court, the data may be accessed per a judge ruling. Only upon closing of a case through compliance or issuance of a citation for prosecution of a case does select case information become public data. The complainant's name, however, remains protected information.

  3. The purpose for collecting this information will enable us to contact you when additional information is required. During investigation and legal action, data related to the case may be shared with other City employees or other agencies so that the complaint may be corrected, abated or other legal action may be taken. Nonparticipation will have no effect on your relationship with the City of Maplewood. However, we may not be able to adequately investigate the complaint without complete and accurate information.

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