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Aug 16

August 13, 2021

Posted on August 16, 2021 at 3:04 PM by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:    

• The next City Council meeting will be held on Monday, August 23rd with start time of 7 pm. We will have a workshop beginning at 5 pm. The first part of the workshop will be a closed session to review upcoming Mediation with LELS. Our Labor Attorney Susan Hansen will update the City Council on the upcoming Mediation. We will meet in the Maplewood Room and have dinner combined with a phone in presentation from Ms. Hanson.  After that briefing will go to the Maplewood Room for the second part of the Workshop to have a continued discussion on the 2022 Budget and ARPA funds distribution.

• At the Council meeting on September 13th, we will adopt the Preliminary Levy for the 2022 Budget.

• Please note that the date for the City Council staff retreat has been set for Thursday, October 7th, 8:30 to 4:30. Location will be Wakefield or MCC. Additional details to come at a later date. 

Updates from Staff and Council:


Governor Walz stops by Hy-Vee to promote vaccines

Mayor Abrams was happy to host Sheletta Brundidge and Governor Tim Walz at the Hy-Vee today. Sheletta is getting the COVID vaccine. She was hesitant about getting it, but says, her "son Andrew finally convinced me to get the #COVID19 #vaccine. I did it, even though I was afraid, for my kids and my community." Sheletta Brundidge is a WCCO Radio host and comedian.

Here’s our post on the Mayor’s FB page -- https://www.facebook.com/MayorMarylee


Lot Width Variance – 2010 Edgerton St

After Monday’s council meeting, city staff has discussed the council feedback with the property owners of 2010 Edgerton Street North. We will be meeting with the owners next week to further discuss the information that needs to be submitted to address the council’s questions and concerns. Due to the timeline of developing the information, the item will not be on the August 23rd council agenda. We will schedule the application for a September council meeting once we receive the information from the owners.

 Londin Lane Neighborhood Meeting

Real Estate Equities will be holding a neighborhood meeting for the housing development at the former fire station property on Thursday, August 26th from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. at the Maplewood Nature Center. City staff and the developer are planning to have the development application reviewed at the September 21st Planning Commission and CDRB meetings. The council review of the development application and the tax increment financing application are tentatively scheduled for October. These timelines are working towards a closing on the property by the end of the year.

North End Zoning District – Open House Meeting

The first open house meeting regarding the new North End Zoning District was held virtually this last Tuesday.  About 10 people attended the meeting and listened to a presentation that discussed how the adoption of the North End Vision Plan led to the creation of the district, an overview of development standards in the proposed North End Zoning District and the required next steps to adopt the new district. Several questions were answered about specifics within the ordinance. Staff will be evaluating the feedback heard at this meeting to determine if any adjustments to the ordinance are needed.

 A recording of this virtual meeting – along with other project documents – can be found at www.maplewoodmn.gov/NorthEnd. A second – in-person – open house meeting is scheduled for August 25 from 7:30 to 9 a.m. at the Maplewood Mall – Entrance 4). City staff have also met with Maplewood Mall management and have individual meetings scheduled with St. John’s Hospital and Birch Run Station to discuss the proposed zoning changes.

South Maplewood-Century Avenue Redevelopment Properties (Ponds at Battle Creek)

Community development staff met with Ramsey County staff to discuss the county’s next steps for the south Maplewood properties. The county will be issuing a Request for Developer Interest (RDI) on Monday, August 16th. The RDI will solicit separate proposals for the Ponds property and the property adjacent to the correctional facility. The RDI will include an overview of the county’s goals, concept plans from the community engagement process, and the city’s comp plan and land use information. The RDI will not preclude any potential land uses for the properties and will not exclude golf course proposals for the Ponds. 

The submittal deadline will be October 4th and county staff anticipate that they will bring the submittals to the county board by the end of the year for a recommendation and next steps. The county has not yet determined the evaluation criteria and next steps. The RDI will be posted on the county’s procurement website and on the county’s project page for the South Maplewood community engagement process. The city will include a link to the county website on the city’s project page for South Maplewood and will direct any questions to Ramsey County staff.  

County staff also stated that the Ponds golf course will be permanently closing on September 12th.

Lastly, the county said that the natural resources study is continuing through August and they expect the final report by the end of September.  

This is the news for the week. Enjoy this beautiful weather and please call if I can provide any information or assistance.