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Sep 01

August 28, 2020

Posted on September 1, 2020 at 1:54 PM by Chad Bergo



Meetings and Announcements:  


The next City Council meeting will be held next Monday, September 14th.  We will have an EDA Meeting prior to the City Council meeting. The EDA meeting will begin at 6:00 pm. We will be holding a public hearing for the business subsidy for HyVee and the TIF Agreement for Maple Ridge Shopping Center.


We will have a closed session at our Council Meeting on September 14th to hear from our League appointed Attorney, Paul Reuvers, to discuss the upcoming Myth Mediation. That will likely be scheduled for the end of Council meeting.  Other Council items include:


·      Development agreement for Maple Ridge access improvements

·      Appeal of CDRB decision for HyVee

·      PUD Ordinance Amendment

·      Development application for new hotel on the last parcel in Legacy Village

·      CUP for dog day care at Plaza 3000 north annex

·      CUP and home occupation license for 2510 Carver


Here are the updates from various departments below.


Updates from Staff and Council:



FEMA and CARES Grants

The Finance Department has been working with Fire Chief Steve Lukin to submit all eligible Covid-19 expenditures to FEMA for reimbursement.  To date, we have submitted $104,856.49 in eligible expenditures.  We expect to receive reimbursement for 75% of that amount, or $78,642.37.  The CARES grant will cover the remaining $26,214.12.  We expect to be making another FEMA request shortly for nearly the same amount.  These grants will cover supplies, equipment, personal protective equipment and technology necessary to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency.  These grants will also cover the change order for the County Road B project, since the expenditures were related to COVID response.


The Finance Department has processed liquor license refunds in the amount of $29,705.65 from the City’s CARES allocation.  The City Manager and Finance Director are working with the City Attorney to draft up the necessary agreements for the EDA to issue the $800,000 business subsidy grants to the YMCA.  We expect to process these payments at the next EDA meeting.  No agreement is necessary for the residual allocation of $86,000 to St. John’s hospital.  That payment will be disbursed before the November 15th deadline.  The remainder of the  $3,067,102 CARES grant will be allocated to the General Fund to cover wages and benefits for employees whose duties were substantially redirected to COVID response.



HyVee CDRB Appeal

The CDRB reviewed plans for HyVee’s proposed grocery store façade improvements and the revised east elevation of what will be the new HyVee convenience store. As part of the CDRB’s review, the board recommended HyVee be required to add additional architectural elements to the front and south elevations of the grocery store building as well as adding more brick to the east elevation of the convenience store building. Below are the designs of what HyVee proposed for the facades in question. Applicants have 15 days after a CDRB review to appeal any decision to the city council. HyVee is electing to appeal the CDRB’s recommendations and this item will be before the city council on September 14 for a final decision.



Future MnDot Projects

A MnDot representative met with city staff to discuss two upcoming projects that will be partially within Maplewood’ boundaries.  MnDot is entering into the design phase along with initiating community outreach.

The first project is located on Hwy 5/Stillwater Blvd between McKnight Road and Century Avenue.  The project will include the repaving Stillwater Boulevard and will also include extensive repairs to the trail along Stillwater to make it ADA compliant.  The project is anticipated to be constructed in 2023.

The second project is located on Highway 61 south of Roselawn Avenue.  MnDot is in the process of studying a portion of the project for the possible conversion of parts of the road from a four to three lane road.  No lane configuration changes are proposed for the portion that lies within Maplewood.  The project is anticipated to be constructed in 2024.

Attached is a one page flyer about the two projects that includes a project summary, map, and link to a MnDot survey.  Maplewood’s Communication Department is coordinating with MnDot to help promote the public survey about the project.



Bluebird House Eagle Scout Project

Aspiring Eagle Scout Sebastian Chounlamontry completed the building and install of 7 bluebird houses at 3 neighborhood preserves: Gladstone, Fish Creek and Maplewood Nature Center.

Naturalist Carole Gernes worked with Sebastian initially on the project and Sebastian and his team provided nesting sites to help increase the populations of the Eastern bluebird.  Bluebirds prefer open grassland habitat and will nest in cavities such as old fencepost holes, and dead snags near these open areas.



These are the reports for this week.  As always, please call if I can address any questions or concerns. I hope that you have a great weekend. Thank you.