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Aug 23

August 23, 2019

Posted on August 23, 2019 at 10:43 AM by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:   

The next Council Meeting is Monday, August 26th The Workshop will start at 6 pm and there will be department presentations from Community Development and more information on  the 2020 Budget. We will provide dinner beginning at 4:45 pm.



From Mike Funk:

Today is my last day with the City of Maplewood, and as I finish one of my last tasks, I again reflect on what a tremendous last 4.5 years have been.  I am extremely proud of the work and progress that we’ve made as a TEAM.  I emphasize TEAM because when I look up and down the organization there is leadership at every level that collectively are making decisions that will position the city for long term sustainability and success well into the future.  Mayor and Council, you’re well respected by staff.  You’re support for the work we do is very much appreciated and you allow us the ability to be creative so the best ideas can be discussed.  More importantly, you support and embrace the city’s strategic plan.  Not many cities have developed an in-depth strategy, performance measures, and action plans.  Nice work!  


As for the staff, City Manager Coleman has brought a renewed sense of purpose for the work we do.  Her dynamic leadership and that of the Senior Management Team (department heads) are moving the organization forward in countless positive ways.  Further, this is being permeated down to the front line staff.  


Thank you for again for the opportunity to be part of a progressive organization.  I look forward to checking in from time to time to see the continued current efforts paying off.  Best of luck and we’ll see you all soon.



ACM/HR Director Position

Staff and myself will be interviewing 7 applicants for Mike’s position. This will take place on Wednesday, the 28th. I will keep you informed on our progress in filling the position.



Parks and Recreation Commission Parks Tour


The Parks and Recreation Commission, staff and Councilmember Neblett took a tour of several of Maplewood’s parks on Monday evening.


It was a great opportunity for discussion about the importance of maintaining aging infrastructure in our parks as well as planning exciting new projects in the future. Some key topics of discussion were tennis courts, the new accessible playground at Wakefield, revisiting the idea of an off leash dog area and upgrades to Hazelwood Park. It was also lovely to enjoy dinner on the new patio of the Wakefield Park Community Building!


Farewell to Summer Event at Edgerton Park

What a night!

Thank you to everyone who attended or helped with our final Celebrate Summer Event on August 21 at Edgerton Park. The weather was beautiful, the park was packed and there were tons of laughs, smiles and fun for everyone.  The inflatables, games and activities run by the Parks & Rec staff were a huge hit with lines right up till the end. Police and Fire handed out stickers, chatted with the crowd and showed attendees how to do Hands Only CPR. There was lots of community interest in the Ramsey County Health, 3M Wizards and Rush Line BRT booths and the ever popular Nature Center activity station. GoGo SqueeZ staff said they handed out over 900 packets of fruit to the crowd!


We were especially happy to see so many of the neighbors of Edgerton Park come out with their families to enjoy the evening and we stayed open a half an hour longer to make sure everyone got their fill of food and fun.




Update on County Road B

Friday morning Xcel’s contractor will be milling the north lane of County Road B in preparation for paving on Monday.  They will be starting at the west end of the project near White Bear Avenue and working to the east.  Traffic will be controlled by flaggers.  While the equipment moves east past our entrances access will be limited and controlled by the flaggers.

On Monday they are planning to pave the final layer of asphalt on the north lane of County Road B.  This work will take a few hours before traffic can cross County Road B at the main entrance.  The contractor will be controlling traffic with flaggers during this





District 622 e-news for Friday, August 23, 2019


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Visit the e-news webpage or open the attached PDF to read this week's District 622 e-news.


That’s the news for this week. Have a great weekend. Melinda