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Feb 01

January 31, 2019

Posted on February 1, 2019 at 9:27 AM by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:   
The next City Council and Council Manager Workshop will be held on Monday, February 11th. Workshop will start at 5:30 pm and the time will be devoted to interviewing the top 4 candidates for the vacant city council seats. We will swear in the new Council members at the beginning of the Council meeting. We will also select seat locations as follows: Mayor in the middle, then Kathy selects, next Bryan and then the top vote-getter gets fourth pick. This may need to be changed if we have someone with special access or other needs is appointed

Save the Date! 2019 Legislative Conference for Cities

February 20-21—St. Paul
Your city has a voice! Join more than 150 city officials at the Capitol and make sure city priorities are heard. Just six weeks into the session, you'll hear updates on what's been happening so far, get tips on how to advocate effectively, and more! Please let Lois know if you would like to attend.

The Roseville Area League of Women Voters which includes Lauderdale, Falcon Heights, Little Canada, Maplewood and Roseville will host a presentation of an updated study on the Metropolitan Council by the Council of Metropolitan Area Leagues of Women Voters (CMAL).  Titled Spotlight on the Metropolitan Council - Ripe for Change or Pretty Darn Good as It Is.  The program will be held on Thursday, February 19th at 6:30 p.m. at the Autumn Grove Park Building, the corner of Lydia and Hamline Ave. in Roseville.  

A PowerPoint summary of the study will be given by Karen Schaffer, Roseville Area League member and chair of CMAL.  Interviews with mayors, city managers, and various governance professionals throughout the Metropolitan Council area were conducted to gather information on the current Metropolitan Council status.  League members within the Met Council region will vote to determine points of consensus on updating the current CMAL position.  A written report of the study including consensus questions is attached to this e-mail.

We invite you and any staff in your city with interest in the direction of the Metropolitan Council to attend this meeting.  The program is open to the public and all in attendance may participate in the discussion.  Only League members can vote on the consensus questions.  A flyer for posting is also attached.

SPRWS Suggested dates for Neighborhood Mediation Meeting are March 6 or 7. I am waiting on confirmation from the Water Utility.


Updates from Staff and Council:


Community Development Director update

We are waiting on the results of the Leadership Assessment with Martin McCalister. Testing took place this week early next week. e should have a decision shortly after results are in.  


City Manager Review

If you have NOT completed my performance review, please contact Mike or Lois with an estimated time for completion or if you need help accessing the NeoGov site. Thanks.


City Council Applications

Applications and the scoring spreadsheet will be delivered or emailed by the end of the day. Please return your score sheets to Lois by Tuesday at noon. This will give us time to notify and schedule finalists and get the information in the Council packet.


House File 113 could bring cash to suburban Ramsey County cities

After a brief discussion with Mike Funk it is our opinion that Maplewood should strongly support its passage.  We have asked Director Nadeau to weigh in as well as his perspective would be helpful.  In addition to an argument of equity, Scott will have good ideas on how this new money would provide extra value in the services provided to members of our community.  It is likely that the county will not support this measure, so we’ll need to outline some talking points as to why this money will be better served in Maplewood. Councilmember Smith has offered to assist in this so we will get you some talking points to use with conversations with our legislative team and the County Commissioners.


From Attorney Ron Batty

City staff has received a request from a group to operate a “sober house”, which is transitional housing for persons recovering from chemical dependency.  Residents live as a family unit and support each other in recovery but no formal treatment occurs on site. The house will be occupied by more unrelated individuals than is allowed under the city’s zoning ordinance. Because the persons residing at the house are considered disabled, federal law requires the city to consider granting a “reasonable accommodation” (waiver) from restrictions that prohibit protected persons from enjoying a full range of housing options. Staff has determined that the requested accommodation is reasonable and in consultation with the city attorney’s office has developed a license to permit occupancy of the property.  A license is preferable because it can be amended or revoked and does not run with the land as would be the case with a variance or conditional use permit.  The license will be issued administratively. Staff is also drafting an ordinance which will codify the above procedure and can be used in any future applications.





Maplewood residents can now get their skate on at Wakefield Park! The new regulation size hockey rink opened for business on Saturday, January 19 along with the warming room and outside access unisex bathroom in the Wakefield Park Community Building.

The rest of the building is nearing completion as well and Parks and Recreation will be holding dance classes in the main community space starting February 4. Stay tuned for a video update on the progress from the Communications Department next week!





Dozens of Trucks and a Mountain of debris leave a Maplewood neighborhood feeling besieged

Reference:  Kathy Juenemann, Melinda Coleman, Ron Batty, Bryan Smith, Shann Finwall


FYI: This article is the main story on Pioneer Press Journey Home Minnesota is the owner of 1905 Radatz that was torn down and is in the process of being rebuilt for homeless veterans. They are on their second contractor. The first one was Russell Rose Enterprises who is quoted for this article.


Unpaid bills unhappy veterans Blake Hoffman closing housing-nonprofit 

Reference Commissioner Blake Huffman


Have a great weekend and as always call or email if you have any questions or concerns with the content of the FYI.