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Each week I send out an FYI Update to City Council and staff on the latest happenings within the City of Maplewood.  I would like to share this information with the residents of Maplewood, as well. 

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Jan 28

January 25, 2019

Posted on January 28, 2019 at 10:11 AM by Chad Bergo

Meetings and Announcements:  


The next City Council and Council Manager Workshop will be held on Monday, January 28th.  Workshop will start at 5:30 pm and items on the agenda include the following: City Tree Sale Program, Urban Roots Proposal for Harvest Park and a presentation from the city M.O.R.E group. Food will be available at 4:30.



Save the Date! 2019 Legislative Conference for Cities • February 20-21—St. Paul

Your city has a voice! Join more than 150 city officials at the Capitol and make sure city priorities are heard. Just six weeks into the session, you'll hear updates on what's been happening so far, get tips on how to advocate effectively, and more! Please let Lois know if you would like to attend.


Updates from Staff and Council:




Community Development Director update

We completed second interviews with three applicants for the Director position. We have narrowed it down to two finalists and will be doing a Leadership Assessment with Martin McCalister next week. We should have a decision shortly after results are in. 


City Manager Review

Please contact Mike about your status with completing my performance review on the Neo Gov system. It would be nice to have this completed before the two new members are board. Thank you!


City Council Applications

As of today, we have received 4 applications for the council vacancies.



Staff received notice that we were awarded a grant from the Justice Department to participate in the “pathways to policing” initiative. This is the second year we have participated in this program and it allows us to bring quality, non-traditional law enforcement officers into our workforce.

The amount of the grant is just over $18,000 and will offset our costs of employee wages and education and represents a great savings for our city. In addition, this is a great recruiting tool as it has been increasingly more difficult to find a large candidate pool.




North End Working Group Meeting

To continue its work in creating a new vision for the North End, the Working Group broke out Legos, markers and pipe cleaners to help visualize what the future could look like – see photo below. Roughly 20 individuals gathered Wednesday night for the third meeting of the North End Working Group. The Legos were used to approximate the massing and scale of potential redevelopment in the North End. In addition to thinking about where new buildings could go, the group also discussed where new trails, sidewalks and green spaces could be located. The activity and discussion were well received among attendees.  Working Group Member Suzanne Fry relayed the following comment to staff the next day – “Thanks to all involved in putting together last night’s meeting. I’d planned to leave early but truly enjoyed the pace of the night and the teamwork activity.  Well done to Perkins and Will and City staff.”


The ideas discussed Wednesday will be used by the Project Team to create several plan alternatives that the Working Group will start analyzing at its next meeting in February.




Luminaries at the Nature Center

Glowing ice globe luminaries decorated the trails for the Nature Center’s Ice Moon Walk on January 22.  It was a beautiful and relatively warm evening, enjoyed by couples, families, and students from the White Bear Lake High School Outdoor Club. One couple had a fun story about their children giving them 12 monthly outdoor adventures as a present and their January adventure was the Ice Moonwalk. Attendees said they loved the experience and we hope to expand the program in the future.




We got a lot of notice in the press this week. I was actually impressed with most of the writing.


http://eastsidereviewnews.com/articles/2019/01/23/reading-‘state-city’-remarks-maplewood’s-surprise-new-leader  Reference:  Marylee Abrams, Kathleen Juenneman, Bryan Smith


http://eastsidereviewnews.com/articles/2019/01/23/maplewood’s-choice-new-mayor-came-down-two-council-members  Reference:  Marylee Abrams, Kathleen Juenneman, Bryan Smith


http://eastsidereviewnews.com/articles/2019/01/23/“i-loved-being-mayor-maplewood”-former-mayor-nora-slawik  Reference:  Nora Slawik’s work in Maplewood


http://eastsidereviewnews.com/articles/2019/01/23/power-plays-and-poise-maplewood-council-chambers  Reference:  Melinda Coleman, Marylee Abrams, Bryan Smith


Everyone stay warm this weekend. Seems like a great opportunity to watch a movie or catch up on other indoor endeavors. Please call if you have any questions or concerns with the packet or anything else.