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Each week I send out an FYI Update to City Council and staff on the latest happenings within the City of Maplewood.  I would like to share this information with the residents of Maplewood, as well. 

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Jan 07

January 4, 2019

Posted on January 7, 2019 at 10:32 AM by Chad Bergo

Meetings and Announcements: The next City Council and Council Manager Workshop will be held on Monday, January 14th. Workshop will start at 6 pm and we will discuss the selection process for Council and Mayor Replacements. State of the City is Thursday, January 10th at 11 am to 1 pm at the MCC/YMCA. Joe is just finishing up Council members speeches. You should get those shortly. We have a full house on registrations. As of today, we have 125 signed up. Looking forward to this event. Watch for City Council packet and reports/process for the workshop. I have asked Ron and Andrea to work with me to make sure we have a clear cut path to determine the process for Mayor and Council seat appointments. It is our intent that you are well prepared for the discussion at the workshop and then the necessary actions at the Council meeting. Experienced Officials: 2019 Leadership Conference Various Dates & Locations in February Discover the keys to effective leadership as you learn how to use communication styles to build understanding and trust, discover tips to communicate clearly, and explore how you can effectively engage others to work better as a team. Plus, build connections with newly elected and experienced city officials. Save the Date! 2019 Legislative Conference for Cities February 20-21—St. Paul Your city has a voice! Join more than 150 city officials at the Capitol and make sure city priorities are heard. Just six weeks into the session, you'll hear updates on what's been happening so far, get tips on how to advocate effectively, and more! Please let Lois know if you would like to attend. Updates from Staff and Council: ADMINISTRATION 1475 Belmont-Zian Property Update The demolition of the Zian house will begin on January 10th. This is good news. Community Development Director update Mike and I have completed the review of applications for the Director position. We have scheduled the first round of interviews for January 8thand 9th. We will be interviewing 6 candidates. We are excited up the upcoming interviews. We are competing with Roseville and a couple of other communities so I hope we can find a great candidate and get someone hired quickly. You will hear more next week. Mike should have contacted you about completing my performance review on the Neo Gov system. Let Lois know if you need to come in and use a computer. Direct other questions to Mike. Thank you! Consultant Pool Interviews City staff is also holding interviews with 12 Planning and Engineering firms to create a consultant pool for a new term of 5 years. Interviews will also be held the week of January 7th. NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS https://www.twincities.com/2019/01/03/maplewood-vacancies-how-city-may-replace-mayor-council-member-up-in-the-air/ Reference: Nora Slawik, Tou Xiong, Andrea Sindt, Mike Funk, Ronald Batty, Bryan Smith, Marylee Abrams, Kathleen Juenemann This is a very brief FYI as we had many staff out on vacation or sick the last two weeks. Next week’s FYI will also be slim as I am in CD Director and Consultant interviews all week. See you at the State of the City on Thursday! Melinda