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Oct 12

October 12th, 2018

Posted on October 12, 2018 at 4:14 PM by Chad Bergo



Meetings and Announcements:   


Our next City Council meeting and Manager Workshop will be held on Thursday,  October 25th.  The workshop start time will start at 5:30 p.m.  Items to be discussed will be: Tobacco 21 Advocates and Update on the Gold Line BRT


Community Business Engagement Breakfast

The 4th Annual Community Business Engagement Breakfast is scheduled for Thursday, November 1 from 7:30 – 9 a.m. at the Maplewood Community Center in Room C. The event will feature a recap from this year’s Business Retention Engagement & Attraction (BRE&A) visits and Perkins Will will discuss the North End Vision Plan. As a heads up, the Annual State of the City Address has been scheduled for January 10, 2019.  Please reserve these dates on your calendar!  


New Calendar Approach

 Please note that I have prepared a monthly calendar that will add all events and meetings where Council members should attend or have been invited. This concept was brought to my attention by Council member Smith. The calendar will be updated weekly but the intent is try to give you these activities so you can sync with your own work or family calendars. Eventually, we hope to have this on the Maplewood Intranet page so you can check on the calendars from any of your devices. This is a work in progress so note there may be some glitches until this if fully functional for everyone.


Updates from Staff and Council:




Meeting with SPRWS:  I met with Steve Schneider last week and we discussed the existing CUP and the City’s request for documentation on several requirements associated with the CUP and their operations. They have until the end of next week to send us their report and data. After staff has reviewed this information, we will schedule a neighborhood meeting or schedule a review of their Permit at an upcoming City Council Meeting.




Solar Permit Fees:  Staff reviewed with you a few months ago the cost of solar permit fees in comparison with other cities.  We called around with the cities below to get a comparison cost for $12,000 solar panel system.  It looks like some cities charge a flat fee for residential solar.  Other cities reduce the cost by not including the cost of the panels. The majority go by the fee schedule system at this time.  Staff is recommending that we reduce our fee to a flat of $200 no matter the value of the project. This is intended to assist and encourage homeowners to consider adding solar panels.

We will be bringing all of the fee changes from throughout the city, to you at the second meeting in November. I have also attached a fee schedule comparison to all of our building permit fees. We are not going to request any increased to the building permit fees.  

Below is solar data comparisons.    



Building permit $12,000 system = $412.00

Electrical permit 5 – 10 KWH = $100.00

Total = $512.00


Apple Valley

Building permit $12,000 system = $288

Electrical permit 5 – 10 KWH = $100

Total = $388.00


St Paul

Building permit **$12,000 install cost = $275 178.75 = $453.75

Electrical permit 0 – 20 KWH = $131

** They do not include panel cost as value.  It would be more likely if it was 5 KWH system minus panel cost would be around $4,000.  The fee would be $211.75 $131.00 = 342.75 Total.



Building permit $12,000 system = **$100

Electrical permit done by State 5 – 10 KWH = $100  

**flat fee permit

Total = $200.00



Building permit $12,000 system = $447.61

Electrical permit done by State 5 – 10 KWH = $100  

Total = $547.61


Inver Grove

Building permit $12,000 system = $365.06

Electrical permit done by State 5 – 10 KWH = $100

Total = $465.06 



Building permit $12,000 system = $413.74

Electrical permit done by State 5 – 10 KWH = $100

Total = $513.74 



Building permit $12,000 system = $371.06

Electrical permit done by State 5 – 10 KWH = $100

Total = $471.06 




In Person Absentee voting is in full force!  650 ballots have been received from Maplewood voters. Of this number we have assisted 200 voters at City Hall and next week we will be conducting on-site nursing home facility voting.

Again, this election will have the seven day Early Voting period.  This will be October 30 – November 5 at 12 locations throughout Ramsey county.  During this period, any Maplewood voter can cast their vote at any of these early voting location.

For a listing and hours please see https://www.ramseycounty.us/residents/elections-voting/voters/vote-election-day/early-voting


I hope you all have a great weekend.