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Jul 02

June 29 2018

Posted on July 2, 2018 at 8:06 AM by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:   

Our next City Council meeting and Manager Workshop will be held on Monday, July 9th, 2018.   Start time for Workshop is 5:30 pm.  At the workshop we will have presentations on Street Conditions,  Nature Center Study and Preliminary Review of 2019-2023 CIP. Please note that because of the 4th of July holiday, the packet will be sent out on Thursday, the 5th.

July 4th Festivities- Activities start at 4 pm. Park and Rec staff will be orchestrating the event with help from Public

Safety, Public Works and Communications. There will also be a sing along with our Ashland friends.

July 11th- White Bear Avenue Parade- Council Member Smith will be riding on the Maplewood Fire Truck this year

Line up at 6 with parade at 7 pm.

Gold Line Open House Schedule            

Gold Line Corridor Open House – West

July 17, 2018 from 5:00-7:00 pm

Grace Lutheran Church: 1730 Old Hudson R, St. Paul, MN

Google Map Link to location: https://goo.gl/maps/yL9SRf735eS2

Gold Line Corridor Open House – East

July 18, 2018 from 5:00-7:00 pm

Guardian Angels Catholic Church: 8260 4th St. N, Oakdale, MN

Google Map link to location: https://goo.gl/maps/P6maQy59TJ92

Touch a Truck at MCC/YMCC (6-7:30 pm)



Updates from Staff and Council:




Metropolitan Council Sewer Lining Project Update- (This is being repeated as I have received several inquiries about this project)

No doubt you have seen the large black pipes and the work that is taking place along Highway 61.  This is a major sanitary sewer rehabilitation project led by the Metropolitan Council on their sewer interceptor line.  The large black pipes you see are the temporary conveyance system that was installed to handle flows while the work takes place.  By the end of July of 2018 they are expected to have finished with the lining of the interceptor line.  Work will continue through the summer of 2018.  Removal of the temporary conveyance system will take place during the fall of 2018 with restoration work planned for the spring of 2019.



Maplewood held its first of two Movie at the Farm events, on June 26th at the Bruentrup Farm. Gates opened at 5:30pm with the movie starting at 6:30pm. The movie shown was Despicable Me 3, which was chosen by the public through voting on social media. The overcast evening brought perfect conditions for the barn full of movie goers.

The 200 attendees enjoyed activities performed by our special event staff that included temporary tattoo and colored hairspray stations, a jump castle, and yard games. The other huge hit was the petting zoo where everyone got to meet and play with a variety of animals such as a miniature llama, miniature horse, goats, rabbits, chickens and even the friendly farm dog.

A big thank you to the Bruentrup Farm/Maplewood Historical Society folks for partnering with us on this event and selling concessions. Also, thank you to the Maplewood Police and Fire Departments for stopping by.  The kids loved seeing the emergency vehicles and having the opportunity to meet members of the departments.

The special event staff did a great job leading the activities and creating a fun and welcoming environment for all who attended.

Our second Movie at the Farm event is August 14 and voting for the choice of movie is live now on the Parks and Recreation Department Facebook Page.


Maplewood’s First Bioblitz


Last Friday was a gorgeous day for a Biobliz at Fish Creek!  A Bioblitz is a gathering of experts and citizen scientists to document as many species of plants and animals as possible at a site in one day.  The Nature Center and partner Great River Greening greeted the day early with a 6:30 a.m. birding session.  Armed with cell phones, binoculars, and sweep nets, groups headed out throughout the day to document birds, plants, and insects.  A family session in late afternoon provided a chance for kids and non-experts to help out.  Follow-up public events are scheduled for frogs and for bats. 

Technology has been embraced by many nature lovers and is a big component of citizen science programs.  In addition to maintaining species lists generated during the Bioblitz we upload the data to national databases where it can be accessed by scientists and citizens.  Our birding data was submitted to eBird and the plant and insect data was entered on iNaturalist.  Both are cell phone apps that anyone can use.


·         eBird:  https://ebird.org/hotspots (and enter location Maplewood MN)

·         iNaturalist:  https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=13467


A special thanks to:

·         Partner Great River Greening for help with tents, water, set-up and botany staff

·         Our experts:  John Zakelj (birds), Dave Crawford (plants), Jessica Miller (insects)

·         IT Department for setting us up with hotspots so we could better submit data from the field

·         Communications Department for capturing some of the fun on video

·         Friends of Maplewood Nature for providing snacks and beverages


Here is a list of the upcoming season of Park Events


1)       Parks Special Events in place of WOW due to construction at Wakefield,6pm7:30pm July 18 – Touch a Truck at MCC/YMCA & August 22 –End of Summer Celebration/ KID CITY Laugh In at Edgerton

2)       4th of July at Hazelwood, 5pm – 10pm

3)       Movie Nights at Bruentrup Farm, 5:30pm8:30pm June 26 &August 14 

4)       Community Event at Gladstone Savanna, 6pm7:30pm August 2

5)       Rec Run 5K at MCC/YMCA, 9am11:30am September 29 

6)       Fall Music in the Barn at Bruentrup Farm, 5:30pm9pm,September

7)       Halloween Event at Bruentrup Farm, 1pm3pm October 21


Click on this link to see the fun video created to Promote the Touch a Truck event coming up on July 18th     https://youtu.be/yJ-F1DslCk8

The stars in the video are the children of Joe Rueb, Joe Sheeran, Ching Lo, Neil Breneman, Mychal Fowlds and kids from the Day Camp at the MCC/YMCC. They did such a great job. Thanks to our videographers and planning team too!


If you feel like learning a bit more about EAB and trees here is the recent tree planning and EAB articles in Living


PP 6-7 layout the MPLWD EAB plan and offer a guide for residents. It explains that the City will replace boulevard trees 1:1. While not directly tied to EAB, it spells out our program for residents to be reimbursed for re-planting.


Here’s a small tree planting video from the DNR:


Here’s a DNR guide for do’s and don’ts for MN tree planting:



Tree planting resources on our site:




Please let me or Joe what other resources we can add to the Living to help get out the word.  The key to remember is that we will only remove trees in the winter when insets are dead to prevent their spread… and there are only a few ideal months for planting….



News from Area Partners and Sources:



District 622 e-news for Friday, June 29, 2018


At a Glance 

  • Mary Poppins on stage this weekend at Tartan Theatre!
  • School Board information session on July 11
  • Watch all of the year-end videos!
  • Keep checking Peachjar this summer!


 June 29th, 2018

Metro Cities Breakfast at LMC Conference


Thank you to the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) for the opportunity to host an affiliate Metro Cities breakfast lastclick for full newsletter


New Board Officers and Members


At the LMC conference last week, Metro Cities’ President Gary Hansen noted it was likely one of his last official dutiesclick for full newsletter


Metro Inflow-Infiltration Funding: New Funding/Updates/Pilot Project


The 2018 Legislature appropriated $5 million in the capital investment (bonding) bill for inflow-infiltration mitigation (I/I)click for full newsletter


Transportation Policy Plan Out for Public Comment

The Metropolitan Council is currently accepting comments on a draft update of the Transportation Policy Plan (TPP). Theclick for full newsletter

Metro Cities Policy Committees Begin in Mid-July


Metro Cities’ four legislative policy committees will begin work in mid-July. The four committees are: Transportationclick for full newsletter

 That’s the news for this week. Enjoy the weekend and have a great 4th of July Holiday! Melinda