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Dec 14

December 14th, 2018

Posted to City Manager Blog by Chad Bergo



Meetings and Announcements:   

·       Our next City Council meeting will be a Special Council meeting for the swearing in of our newly elected Council members on Monday, January 7th. The Special meeting will start at 5:30 pm.

·       The next City Council and Council Manager Workshop will be held on Monday, January 14thWorkshop will start at 6 pm and we will hear from Excel Energy on the Gas Main Replacement Project

Experienced Officials: 2019 Leadership Conference

Various Dates & Locations in February
Discover the keys to effective leadership as you learn how to use communication styles to build understanding and trust, discover tips to communicate clearly, and explore how you can effectively engage others to work better as a team. Plus, build connections with newly elected and experienced city officials.

Save the Date! 2019 Legislative Conference for Cities

February 20-21—St. Paul
Your city has a voice! Join more than 150 city officials at the Capitol and make sure city priorities are heard. Just six weeks into the session, you'll hear updates on what's been happening so far, get tips on how to advocate effectively, and more!

Updates from Staff and Council:



I am working on my Goals and Accomplishments for the annual performance review process. Lois will be contacting you to set up a one-hour meeting with me after the Christmas Holiday. After we have had a chance to meet, Mike will be sending out the NEO GOV notification for your individual input. We will have laptops available for you to check out if you need to access NEOGOV from a city computer. Mike or Lois can help with that.


Survey on Community Development Director Traits- please fill out the survey that was sent to you by Mychal Fowlds. We are looking for your input on Leadership Competencies. Thank you.



City Hall Campus Wayfinding Signs

City Hall Campus will receive a new look.  Five new wayfinding signs with the City’s updated colors and logo are being installed around the campus.  The signs were approved by the Community Design Review Board as part of a City Hall Campus comprehensive sign plan in July 2018.  


The signs are being funded by Xcel Energy as an incentive for achieving the City’s energy goals as outlined in the Energize Maplewood! Energy Action Plan.  The plan identified energy actions the City could take to motivate local businesses and residents to reduce their energy impact.  Xcel Energy offered the incentive for signs that included a sustainable message and the Xcel Energy logo.  The GreenStep Cities logo, which is the sustainable message, and Xcel Energy’s logo are found at the bottom of the wayfinding signs.  


This week staff has installed three of the signs and will be assessing them to determine effectiveness.  Minor changes may be required.  Ultimately, the comprehensive sign plan will ensure standardized messaging for all new signs on Campus.
Maroon sign with text



The fire department has a couple of items worth noting for the FYI this week.  We had a mention in the article linked below.


Also, the Ramsey County Fire Chief’s Association will be recognized on 12/13/2018 as a recipient of a Local Government Innovation Award from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.  Maplewood was a leading agency on the closest unit dispatching committee.  The program began in October of 2016.  


City Category:  Ramsey County Fire Chiefs Association – Closest Unit Dispatching for Cities in Ramsey County

Fire Chiefs Association Closest Unit Dispatching (CUD) for Cities in Ramsey County brings 10 fire departments within a 170-square-mile area together to dispatch the closest agency for response within the county’s different combinations of highly trained full-time, part-time, volunteer and/or paid-on-call firefighters.  Ramsey County’s 12 cities entered into this CUD joint powers agreement in 2016 and have improved response times for critical calls, resulting in a higher survivability rate and less property loss.

Chief’s Lukin and Mondor will represent the department at the awards ceremony.

Parks and Recreation
Santa's Workshop Party

Maplewood Parks and Recreation had a full house at our Santa’s Workshop Party at the MCC/YMCA on Friday, December 7th.  Children ages 2 and their families got the party started with reindeer games and the bounce castle, then headed to the banquet room for holiday stories, music, snacks and crafts. Kids also got a chance to make their wish lists while they waited for their turn to talk with Santa. We are happy to report that they all made the “nice” list!

Santa and his helpers

Busy week but slow on news.  Have a great weekend. Melinda

Feb 27

Maplewood Police Department – Ever Evolving, Always Serving

Posted to Council Account by Chad Bergo

It’s hard to imagine the days when the Maplewood PD consisted of a constable and a few deputies. As Maplewood grew from a conglomeration of villages into an incorporated city by 1957 to today’s fully developed suburb, city leaders have sought to change, refine and improve the system of services to meet the needs of a growing and diversified community.

This service evolution includes a professional public safety system, a full-service public works department, a business and environmental development department, and an envied park and trail system. It ensures the community maintains a high quality of life for everyone in a financially and operationally sustainable manner.

For example, Maplewood Police Department’s 52 sworn officers wear body cameras and well-equipped duty belts. A professional civilian staff keeps them informed in the field with state-of-the art records technology systems. Everyone, from those on the job a few weeks to the chief, have attended extensive, nation-leading training.

We can best understand and appreciate their dedication and level of service when we comprehend their mission, policies and plan of operation.

21st Century Policing
– Long before former President Barack Obama commissioned a task force and released a report on best practices in 21st Century Policing to build community trust, transparency and legitimacy, Maplewood PD had established and was practicing many tenants of the final report’s key pillars. New Public Safety Director Scott Nadeau is committed to building relationships with the community with programs such as Coffee with a Cop and outreach in our schools. The Maplewood Police department is committed to examining its records to ensure cultural bias isn’t influencing enforcement. It’s also striving to ensure training is relevant to what officers need to know in the field.

Police Department Strategic Plan 2018
– The police department recently completed its first strategic plan to ensure officers and command staff are meeting community expectations and are accountable for carrying out the plan. It emphasizes community-oriented and problem solving policing, building community relationships, better utilizing technology and implementing a health and wellness guidefor officers’ physical and mental fitness.
Analysis of 2017 Enforcement Action – Chief Nadeau recently released the department’s first comprehensive enforcement action report. When looking at discretionary arrests (where officers have the option to take enforcement action) and demographics, it suggests that officers are not exhibiting bias in their enforcement. It also identifies key demographic changes and highlights certain disparities in non-discretionary enforcement (where officers are mandated by statute or department policy to take an enforcement action). This latter finding highlights broader societal factors that need further exploration.

New Training Initiatives – The department is working to ensure officers’ training goes beyond the tactical mandates. One key training goal is to ensure officers are prepared for crisis intervention and de-escalation, especially when confronting someone struggling with mental illness.

To learn more about recent Maplewood Police Department goals, please visit their website. It is my hope that seeing this information will help us all to be aware of, and appreciate the dedication, values and accountability of the Maplewood Police Department.

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