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Aug 13

August 10, 2018

Posted to City Manager Blog by Chad Bergo

Meetings and Announcements:   

 Our next City Council meeting and Manager Workshop will be held on Monday, August 13th.   Start time for Workshop is 5:30. We will begin with discussion on Overnight Parking and then the first review of the 2019 Budget.  We are relocating to Room A to allow for election setup and equipment testing Please note an additional report in your council binder related to Alarm permits. I thought you might find this information useful in light of our upcoming Budget discussion. It is not a part of the official Council packet.

Auditor Interviews will be held on Thursday, August 16th. Councilmembers Abrams and Juenemann as well as Ellie and myself will make up the panel. We will be interviewing 3 firms.


Updates from Staff and Council:


National Night Out- Another great year of parties in Maplewood. About 60 residents signed up to host a party. I would like to thank Public Safety staff, Public works for getting out to all of the parties and sharing time with our residents.  Mayor and Council as well as Mike Funk, Ellen Paulseth and myself also attended parties on Tuesday night. It is always fun to get out and talk to our residents. One of the highlights for me was seeing all of the beautiful yards and gardens.  We have some great gardeners in our community. 

I also want to thank Kevin and Joe for their videos posted on Facebook of some of the activities and to Chad for making the maps.


City Clerk Election report

In-person absentee voting continues at city hall through Monday, August 13 at 5pm for Maplewood residents. As required by law, we will also be open at city hall on Saturday, August 11 from 10am3pm for in-person absentee voting. Early voting is also occurring at 11 sites throughout Ramsey County including the Maplewood Library.  Then on Tuesday, August 14, the polls open at 7am! Any person wishing to vote must go to their polling location in their precinct by 8pm.  As of Wednesday morning, 545 Maplewood voters had cast absentee ballots; of this number, 208 were processed at city hall.  


On Election Day, the results of voting will be posted on the Secretary of State’s website as vote totals are reported from each precinct. This process will begin at approximately 8:30 p.m. on election night.City staff receives no advance information on results. 


Business Visit-

Staff from the St Paul Chamber as well as Chris Swanson, Joy Tkachuck and myself met with the owner of the 5-8 Tavern. She had very complimentary things to say about staff and the Police Department. As there are 3 other 5-8 Taverns in the Metro Area, Jill was able to compare our support and services to those other community which provided great insight to our business relationship. Her biggest concerns related to her business operations were: immigration (need workers), workforce shortage, transit for employees and minimum wage. She was particularly concerned with minimum wage as costs for everything are increasing and she indicated that this would be very damaging to her business. She also mentioned that her staff make between $15 – 25 an hour with tips and in some of the other positions.


Passing of Anne Fosburgh

Anne Fosburgh died recently. She was a longtime volunteer for the Maplewood Historical Society and an election judge for the City of Maplewood. I learned of this at one of the NNO parties. I sent a note to the family from City Council and myself. I will remember Anne for her love of sharing ideas and opinions and her passion for her community.



Thank you letter for our participation in using the Wunderkammer approach for recent job fair.

Hi Joe: 

It wasn't necessary to give you peaches which you then shared with the staff at the City of Maplewood, but it was a small token of our esteem for your professional skills, and, for the engagement of the city to advance this Wunderkammer model. Maplewood has been the most generous city in the metropolitan area. We could not have accomplished this without the space and support from the YMCA and City Center. As a result, we have a confluence of city government, strong nonprofits, local economic development agencies, and volunteers who help bring in local employers and youth. Maplewood really is the "City of the Kid" and we are thrilled to be of service.




Peg Thomas

Executive Director

Sundance Family Foundation


The Sundance foundation created this approach to bring about small scale, practical skill/interest sharing sessions that lead to youth to embrace passions about various and unexplored career paths.



 Here is a list of the remaining season of Park Events

·      End of Summer Celebration/KID CITY Laugh In at Edgerton,6pm7:30pm - August 22

·      Movie Nights at Bruentrup Farm, 5:30pm8:30pm - August 14

·      Rec Run 5K at MCC/YMCA, 9am – 11:30am - September 29

·      Halloween Event at Bruentrup Farm, 1pm3pm.  -  October 27

·      Santa’s Workshop Party at the MCC/YMCA, 6pm – 7:30-pm - December 7



2018 Street Improvement Projects Update

While it may seem that summer is nearly over, the construction season is still in full-swing. Great progress has been made on the City’s two street improvement projects.


The Londin-Highpoint street improvements were completed in mid-July by Park Construction Company, a full month ahead of schedule. This project replaced the deteriorated street pavement on Londin Lane, Crestview Drive, Highpoint Curve, King Street, Pond Avenue, and Marnie Street in south Maplewood. Residents in the project area have communicated their thanks for the improvements in the neighborhood and the support received from the City Council throughout the process.


The Farrell-Ferndale project is well underway and progressing nicely. This project includes the full reconstruction of the streets, replacement of water main, expansion of the storm sewer system, and installation of sidewalks within the Lion’s Park neighborhood. The majority of the utility work has been completed in the portion of the project south of Minnehaha Avenue. The contractor is currently constructing the new road base in the south area, with curb installations likely to start in the coming weeks. The portion of the project north of Minnehaha Avenue will likely see construction starting in early September. The overall project schedule is intact and anticipates final completion in mid-November. 


If you have any questions or comments on the projects, feel free to contact Assistant City Engineer Jon Jarosch by phone at (651) 249-2405, or by email at


News from outside agencies and newspapers:  Reference:  Chief Nadeau.              (Covered on KSTP and WCCO also)


Have a great weekend and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the Council packet.  Melinda

Feb 27

Maplewood Police Department – Ever Evolving, Always Serving

Posted to Council Account by Chad Bergo

It’s hard to imagine the days when the Maplewood PD consisted of a constable and a few deputies. As Maplewood grew from a conglomeration of villages into an incorporated city by 1957 to today’s fully developed suburb, city leaders have sought to change, refine and improve the system of services to meet the needs of a growing and diversified community.

This service evolution includes a professional public safety system, a full-service public works department, a business and environmental development department, and an envied park and trail system. It ensures the community maintains a high quality of life for everyone in a financially and operationally sustainable manner.

For example, Maplewood Police Department’s 52 sworn officers wear body cameras and well-equipped duty belts. A professional civilian staff keeps them informed in the field with state-of-the art records technology systems. Everyone, from those on the job a few weeks to the chief, have attended extensive, nation-leading training.

We can best understand and appreciate their dedication and level of service when we comprehend their mission, policies and plan of operation.

21st Century Policing
– Long before former President Barack Obama commissioned a task force and released a report on best practices in 21st Century Policing to build community trust, transparency and legitimacy, Maplewood PD had established and was practicing many tenants of the final report’s key pillars. New Public Safety Director Scott Nadeau is committed to building relationships with the community with programs such as Coffee with a Cop and outreach in our schools. The Maplewood Police department is committed to examining its records to ensure cultural bias isn’t influencing enforcement. It’s also striving to ensure training is relevant to what officers need to know in the field.

Police Department Strategic Plan 2018
– The police department recently completed its first strategic plan to ensure officers and command staff are meeting community expectations and are accountable for carrying out the plan. It emphasizes community-oriented and problem solving policing, building community relationships, better utilizing technology and implementing a health and wellness guidefor officers’ physical and mental fitness.
Analysis of 2017 Enforcement Action – Chief Nadeau recently released the department’s first comprehensive enforcement action report. When looking at discretionary arrests (where officers have the option to take enforcement action) and demographics, it suggests that officers are not exhibiting bias in their enforcement. It also identifies key demographic changes and highlights certain disparities in non-discretionary enforcement (where officers are mandated by statute or department policy to take an enforcement action). This latter finding highlights broader societal factors that need further exploration.

New Training Initiatives – The department is working to ensure officers’ training goes beyond the tactical mandates. One key training goal is to ensure officers are prepared for crisis intervention and de-escalation, especially when confronting someone struggling with mental illness.

To learn more about recent Maplewood Police Department goals, please visit their website. It is my hope that seeing this information will help us all to be aware of, and appreciate the dedication, values and accountability of the Maplewood Police Department.

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