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Each week I send out an FYI Update to City Council and staff on the latest happenings within the City of Maplewood.  I would like to share this information with the residents of Maplewood, as well. 

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Sep 19

September 16, 2022

Posted on September 19, 2022 at 9:12 AM by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:  
The next regular City Council Meeting will be on Monday, September 26th. We will have an EDA meeting at 6 pm. It is not a closed session.
We will have a closed workshop on October 10th to discuss the status of the Compensation Study.
Our City Council meeting will follow at 7pm. 

Maplewood Ambassador Program- We held our second cohort of our MAP program this week.  MAP is intended to celebrate our new employees and pair them with a Maplewood Ambassador (existing staff-member) for support and mentorship during their first year as a new employee. Kudos to our amazing Ambassadors for sharing their “Why Maplewood Stories.”   Thank you to our amazing ambassadors, new employees and Mayor Abrams for attending! 

Ramsey County Master Gardeners to the Rescue
The Ramsey County Master Gardener volunteers share researched-based, eco-friendly gardening with all residents of Ramsey County.  To maintain their certification, master gardeners must complete 25 volunteer service hours of county-specific public education per year.  The master gardeners have volunteered at the Edgerton Community Garden on three occasions this year.  In the spring, they conducted a garden planting demonstration for all of the new gardeners.  In the summer, they assisted with the solarization project, reinstalling clear plastic sheathing to heat the soil and kill weeds and seeds on the north side of the garden.  Most recently, the master gardeners assisted with a weeding project.  Four hard working master gardeners spent two hours weeding the pollinator and live edge gardens to ensure the native plants can thrive and support our pollinators.  Interested in learning more about Ramsey County Master Gardeners, or taking one of their garden classes – visit www.ramseymastergardeners.org.

Embedded social worker program featured on national podcast
The national podcast Call to Mind, recently highlighted an MPR story that followed our embedded social worker Amy Kuusisto-Lathrop, LICSW for two days on the job. As you know, our Mental Health Outreach Team began a partnership with Ramsey County in 2021 to embed social workers in the public safety department. Last year alone, more than 1600 Maplewood calls for service involved a mental health crisis.  The MHOT with the embedded social workers (Amy and Dean Miller) have improved outcomes for people in our community and has given our public safety team another tool to keep community members and first responders safe.  The podcast takes an in depth look at mental health and suicide. Amy’s portion starts at 34 minutes and lasts about seven minutes.  calltomindnow.org/988-a-call-for-crisis-care

This is the news for this week. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

I am out of the office next week visiting my grandson in Spokane. Mike will be available Monday through Wednesday and out also on Thursday and Friday. Please feel free to contact me if something comes up. There will not be an FYI next week due to Mike and I both being out of the office. Melinda


Sep 06

September 2, 2022

Posted on September 6, 2022 at 11:25 AM by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:  
The next regular City Council Meeting will be on Monday, September 12th. The Council meeting will begin at 7pm. Prior to that we will have an EDA meeting to set the 2023 levy and a closed session to discuss the just received Proposal from Ramsey County on the South Parcel. The agenda will be set on Tuesday and the time will be indicated in the packet. We will likely start at 6 pm.

We will be adopting the Preliminary 2023 Budget at the Council meeting. 

Celebrate Summer Event at Edgerton
Maplewood Parks and Natural Resources hosted the final Celebrate Summer event on Wednesday August 31st at Edgerton Park. The theme this month was “End of Summer Celebration” to give attendees one last fun summer event before everyone is off to school! Neither the state fair nor temps kept people away as we had the largest turnout of the Celebrate Summer Events.

The crowd came hungry and ate a whopping 600 +hotdogs along with chips, water and GogoSqueeZ fruit packs! Guests also had the option to buy ice cream from the Milk Mart Ice cream truck, which is donating 10% of proceeds to the Maplewood Youth Scholarship fund.

In addition to the inflatables and food there was a variety of other activity stations and vendor booths providing free swag and activities to those in attendan


  • Inflatables – Obstacle courses, giant slide, baseball speed pitch, jumper/slide combo
  • Public Safety – Fire Department obstacle course and dress like a cop and fire fighter stations
  • YMCA – Club information, free swag and temporary tattoos
  • 3M Visiting Wizards – Variety of science on the go activities
  • Ramsey County 4H – Program information and fun trivia and family activity
  • GoGo SqueeZ - Free fruit pouch samples
  • Cub Scout Pack 9050 – Foam archery course
  • Other Information Booths - Ramsey County Health (Child/Teen Checkup), Community Dental Care
  • Other Activities - Temporary tattoos, krazy hair spray, and yard games

Parks and Natural Resources wants to give a huge thank you to staff from other departments, partners, and sponsors that helped make this event a success. We also want to take this chance to recognize the hard work of our special event staff that contribute in a major way to all of these events and without them these would not be possible.

 Special shout out to City staff Scott Christenson for helping out at every celebrate summer event! 

Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair
Cities participating in the GreenStep Cities program volunteered at the Eco Experience, a project of the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  Visitors are immersed in everything green and learn how they can support a healthy ecosystem.  At the GreenStep Cities booth, people were interested to find out if their city participates in the GreenStep Cities program.  If not how they can encourage their city to become involved, if so what more their city can do to help the environment.  During her three-hour shift, Shann Finwall met several Maplewood residents who were proud to know or find out that their city has been recognized as a Step 5 GreenStep Cities and are working on solutions to our environmental challenges.            

Roselawn Ave and McMenemy Intersection Closure
In the next few days advanced warning signs will be put into place to notify the public that the intersection of Roselawn Avenue and McMenemy Street will be closed on September 14th.  The closure will last about 1 week and will allow the MeMenemy project contractor to complete the water main and storm sewer work in this intersection.  Additionally, the contractor will be able to bring the gravel up to the design elevation in preparation for curb and gutter and pavement that will follow soon after.  Metro Transit, ISD 622, and ISD 623 have also been notified of the pending intersection closure.

Local News
From the Pioneer Press

A belated sainting to our neighbors, Nicki and Karen, who once again hosted our Neighborhood National Night Out. Almost daily we notice many of our neighbors walking down our street and we’ll often wave or shout a quick hello, but it’s amazingly rewarding to meet face to face and have the time for friendly conversation.

And what a joy to see the diversity growing in our area and the many new young couples with their children. 

Also sainted are the admirable and hard-working police officers and firemen who took the time from their scheduled duties to meet and mingle with those they so bravely protect. We are truly blessed to live in such a caring area!

Stacie and Mike Hafner


Recently my home was compromised by a visit from a person who smashed his way into my space. Positioned himself in a bedroom and frightened me to death.

Called 911 and Maplewood Police responded ASAP.  Thank you, officers. What peace of mind and body to see them arrive and handle the situation in a very professional manner. I can’t say thank you enough in too many ways or words.

Our community is well served.

Karla Sand, Maplewood

More from the Pioneer Press

Free backpacks, back-to-school haircuts as Black officers’ association works to build trust in St. Paul – Twin Cities Ref: Officer Rae Brown

This is the news for this week. Enjoy this beautiful weather and the long Labor Day Holiday weekend.



Aug 29

August 22, 2022

Posted on August 29, 2022 at 8:57 AM by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:   

  • The 2nd Budget Workshop is set for August 29th.  We will start at 5 pm with a closed session on the Compensation Study and then go to an open meeting to discuss in more detail, the 2023 Budget.  

Staff will be recruiting for our 2022/2023 LEAD Academy soon. Here is the link to the completed LEAD Academy Promo 
I would like to thank Kevin Schmitz for creating this video. He is Hoping this provides some inspiration and encourages new participation.

Reuter Walton Proposes Five-Story, 150-Unit Apartment Building in Gladstone
Reuter Walton Development has submitted applications for its proposed five-story, 150-unit market-rate development over below-grade parking on the properties located at 1136/1160 Frost Avenue East. 1136 Frost Avenue is currently the Maplewood Marine property, and 1160 Frost Avenue is vacant property owned by the city. The proposed apartment building will include studio, one bedroom, one bedroom plus den, two bedroom, and three bedroom apartments. All units will have either a concrete patio or a recessed deck. One level of below-grade parking along with surface parking will be provided. Amenities will include a clubroom, fitness room, roof deck, outdoor pool, pickleball court, and dog run. To move forward with this project, the applicant requests city council approval for a comprehensive plan amendment, conditional use permit, lot combination, public vacation, and design review. The developer has also submitted a Tax Increment Financing application for the project that will be reviewed by the EDA. 

The CDRB will review the project's design on September 20, 2022. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on September 20, 2022, regarding the comprehensive plan amendment and conditional use permit applications. The City Council will hold a public hearing regarding the public vacation application and review the project as a whole at a meeting in October. More information on this project – including all plans – can be found at www.maplewoodmn.gov/FrostApts

Gladstone – Project Signs and Website
Staff is working with a sign vendor is have signs posted at 1946 English Street (former Moose Lodge) and 1375 Frost Avenue (Gladstone House), alerting the general public to the status of each property. A dedicated website has also been developed – www.maplewoodmn.gov/Gladstone – which will be updated with the latest information regarding each property. Currently, the website has information regarding the grant applications submitted to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development for demolition purposes, the status of Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative’s proposed project at 1375 Frost, and the upcoming RFP to be issued for the property at 1946 English Street. It is expected that the signs will be installed next week

This is the news for this week. Please call or email if you have any questions about our upcoming special meeting on Monday.