Polling Locations/Precinct Boundaries

Has YOUR Polling Location or Precinct Boundary Changed? 

Below is the list of polling locations within each precinct.
Unsure what precinct you're in? Use the Secretary of State's Polling Place Finder!
Precinct 1:
St Paul Hmong Alliance Church
1770 McMenemy Street
Precinct 2:
Edgerton School
1929 Edgerton Street
Precinct 3:
Gladstone Fire Station
1955 Clarence Street
Precinct 4:
Wakefield Park Community Building
1860 Hazelwood Street
Precinct 5:
Maplewood Community Center
2100 White Bear Avenue N
Precinct 6:
Redeeming Love Church
2425 White Bear Ave N
Precinct 7:
First Evangelical Free Church 
2696 Hazelwood Street
Precinct 8:
Ramsey County Library
3025 Southlawn Drive
Precinct 9:
​Maplewood Middle School
​2410 Holloway Avenue  
Precinct 10:
​East Metro Public Safety Training Center
​1881 Century Avenue
Precinct 11:
​Beaver Lake Education Center
​1060 Sterling Street N
Precinct 12:
​Carver Elementary School
​2680 Upper Afton Road
Precinct 13: ​
​Lutheran Church of Peace ​
​47 Century Avenue S