July 4th - Light It Up


Based on the uncertainty of COVID-19, the City of Maplewood is canceling several larger summer events, including the 4th of July Light it Up event. This was not an easy decision as these are major gatherings for our city that attract thousands of community members from all backgrounds. We tried to delay this decision as long as possible in hopes the circumstance of the virus would change. However, based on state and federal health officials’ projections of the virus spreading due to large social gatherings and with the financial implications of waiting to cancel events, the City of Maplewood felt it was best to cancel now.

We want to thank the community for its understanding and patience in these difficult times.

Check out our new Explore Maplewood Summer Challenges! 

We hope you consider joining others in these new events. Can you complete the challenge?!

JUNE – Fitness Explorers Challenge

 JULY – Geo Explorers Challenge

Light it up Maplewood! July 4th from 4 to 10 pm in Hazlewood Park.