DMV & Passport Closure

CLOSED: The Maplewood License Center and Passport Acceptance Facility are permanently closed.

Why Maplewood’s DMV/Passport Services have Closed:

It was a difficult decision closing the DMV and Passport services because of the impact on our community and the excellent service our workers provided.  In the years coming out of the pandemic, staff had been instructed to conduct a thorough review of City finances as they relate to core functions: health, safety and general welfare of our residents and taxpayers.  Core functions are services that can only be delivered by the City of Maplewood. 

Our operation of the DMV and Passport services has lost more than $1M over the last 5 years. State reimbursements had not kept pace with the complexity of the transactions, especially related to Real ID. It was anticipated that a two percent annual tax increase would be required to continue operating the DMV and Passport services. With these factors and the fact that DMV and Passport services are functions of the state and federal government respectively, the difficult decision was made to close.

Watch the Council's discussion on the closure.

Please visit the following links for other service locations:

Please call or visit the websites of any of the above offices before seeking service for hours and appointment preference. 

Online services offered by the state of Minnesota

Ordinary renewal for motor vehicle license tabs (stickers) can be purchased online. Please visit the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services website for more information.