Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel and Compost Bin Sale

Every spring, the Recycling Association of Minnesota partners with local governments, soil and watershed districts, nonprofits, and other organizations to provide rain barrels and compost bins at low cost to Minnesota residents.  For additional information on the next date and location of the sale visit the Recycling Association of Minnesota.  

Why Rain Barrels?

  • Conserve water
  • Improve the health of lawns and gardens
  • Rainwater is naturally soft
  • Save money
  • Storm water management/erosion control

Rain Barrel Basics

  • Select a location to place your rain barrel, such as under a gutter or drainspout.
  • Choose a rain barrel that fits your storage and aesthetic needs. Rain barrels come in a wide array of sizes and colors.
  • Now its time to install your rain barrel taking care to make sure that the barrel is located on a stable base and that location that will not flood the house if there is a substantial amount of rain.
  • Use with a soaker hose around trees, shrubs, gardens and plantings or use it to fill up watering cans for potted plants.
  • Do not use rain water for human or pet consumption.