Neighborhood Watch

Why Organize Your Neighborhood Against Crime?

  • Crime and fear of crime threaten a community's well-being; people become afraid to use streets and parks.
  • Crime in turn feeds on the social isolation it creates. Today's lifestyles, many homes where both parents work, more single-parent families, and greater job mobility, can contribute to this isolation and weaken communities.
  • You and your neighbors can prevent or break this vicious cycle, and in the process, build your community into a safer, friendlier, and more caring place to live. Statistics tell the story.
  • Police and sheriffs' departments in cities, small towns, and suburbs throughout the country report substantial decreases in crime and fear due to local crime prevention efforts.
  • Start with a Neighborhood Watch or block club to address immediate crime problems, focus on home security, and build neighborhood cohesion.

To find out more about starting a Neighborhood Watch group call the Maplewood Police Department at 651-249-2600.